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Ive got a horrible mixed CD. ive got an upset band. ive got the original engineer's "cakewalk" files. they are in a format of .bun (bundled) Ive got a cakewalk on my home PC and could open the files. Now I'm taking this hard drive to the studio. MAC. Protools. I have to remix this music, but i cant work on cakewalk...what the hell is that all about? Any tips or suggestions on obtaining my goal? Im computer literate...pc and mac. Tomorrow (monday) ill trial and error for a few hours, and I'm hoping to have a few responses by then. the files are ona usb2.0 exteranl hard drive, formatted for PC. I'm assuming that my beloved mac will be able to read this drive like one of its own.

oh lord, won't you buy me.. another 3 weeks...
I'm in a hurry.

thanks for anything you can think of.

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lorenzo gerace Mon, 04/21/2003 - 01:46

mmmhhh.... pretty bad isn't it? ;)

OK, I'd go like this:

I'd open the sessions on the Cackewalk PC and look if the files are all contiguous from start to finish (I doubt); if not I'd bounce them one at a time from the start of the session (or from a common starting point) to obtain a serie of .wav or .aiff file of the same lenght that you'll be able to align back in Pro Tools to edit and mix; I'm afraid that the Mac won't be able to see and mount a PC /FAT 32 or NTFS) formatted drive unless you have some PC emulator installed on it, so I guess the abeve method is the only way; I'd burn the files on CDrs and import them in the Mac the standard way; make sure to burn the files as ISO9660 and enable the joliet option in the burning software; on the Mac you'll have to have the Joliet extension installed to be able to see the files correctly as originally named.

I know this would be time consuming but(AFAIK) there's no faster solution for different platform and different softawres transfer, as long as Cackewalk supports some kind of "Time Stamping" function or can export files in .BWF format or AES31 standard (I'm not sure but I think it doesn't). For a 3 min 24trk song it should take approx 1 hour and a half to bounce all of the tracks.

This is the way I request files to be delivered when they haven't been recorded in Pro Tools (I work on Pro Tools BTW), and it ahs worked OK so far.

I hope this helps


RecorderMan Mon, 04/21/2003 - 08:45

Originally posted by stevethompson:
Another option is to find somebody with a copy of SONAR 2.2 which can import the Cakewalk .bun file and then export an OMF file which can be directly imported into ProTools.


I'd do the continous audio file bounce mentioned above. I've had trouble opening OMS from different people, at differrent's not always fool-proof...while the aforementioned idea of bouncing all of the audio files, from the exact beginning of the session (for each file) so that they can be imported into a new Pro Tools session (and thereby all be in the sample) is fool-proof.


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