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Hey guys. at this point i have just miCD my guitar amp and i am able to record tracks and on to the hardrive. When i play them back i cant hear anything.
Im useing a Mbox2... i dont have any monitors hooked up, do i need them in order to hear anything? i just have the usb cable going from the mbox to the computer... i thought i would still be able to hear playback threw my computer speakers since the audio IS on my harddrive?
When i go to set the output device all i see is bus 1 bus 2 stereo etc etc... i was hoping there would be a output that said USB but unfortunetly there isint...any ideas? thanks.

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big_daddy234 Thu, 01/20/2011 - 00:31

ahh ok , thanks... one other question..... i have saved some sample files I did and there seems to be some hum. the hum increses the higher i crank the channel gain...... does this hum originate from the mic? its a pretty crappy mic that looks like its been dropped a few times. also im not useing a XLR cable im useing a DI input.


TheJackAttack Thu, 01/20/2011 - 00:39

Yes. First because that is the jack designed with a preamp for a microphone. Second, you will need less gain adjustment for the mic because of the first point.

Now, if the mic itself is generating the hum then that is a problem and if it has been dropped enough (and isn't a Shure SM57/58) then maybe a new mic is in order. But I would start with the proper cable.