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Hey All,

I purchased the WavesNLS the other day and started putting it in some mixes. The results I found really pleasing.
( I dont have any hardware and use pro tools LE,record direct to digi 02 rack)
I used too much drive but I think between that and no drive I will find a sweet spot for my liking.

My question is to those of you who have been using a console emu plugin . Do you have preferences to where you place
it in the fx inserts?. Ive tried eq before and after.
At this stage I like my EQ (sonnox) after the emu plug.
I have limited plugins, WavesRen, Massey comp +de esser,MCDsp comp, and PSP Noble and oxford eqs.
Im at a place now where I m not buying anymore plugins, and feel I have enough to get a decent sounding mix.

Just keen to hear from anyone that wants to share what chain works for them.

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hueseph Fri, 10/26/2012 - 15:41

I think it all depends on the project. There's really no right way to do these things. As far as chains go, do you want to eq the console emulation or do you want the console emulation to color your eq? I would prefer the latter. Then again, I use Sonar X2. Console emulation is built in and I don't really concern myself with it. I just want to hear something that sounds good and do whatever it takes to get what I want to hear.

Smashh Fri, 10/26/2012 - 22:46

I'm like you Huseph where I just want it to sound good , not to fussed in what order but was wwanting to hhear what some of the more experienced peeps do , guess I ll keep experimenting . This far in I really like shelving/pass filter bbefore the emu and tweaking after. Excuse the ssstuttering ipadaetis.



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