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Real Tape harmonics vs their emulations

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12 years 2 months
Lately, I have been trying to learn more about tape. I grew up listening to albums tracked to tape, but have only worked professionally in the DAW environment.

There is a craze with tape plugins in the last several years - including Universal Audios Officially endorsed Studer A800 mkIII plugin, as well as u-he Satin and Slate's Virtual Tape Machines.

I happen to own these, and enjoy using them on a case by case basis, as they all have their own "flavor".

analog emulation plugin for mix and mastering ?

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8 years 9 months
Ok, I know nothing can't beat the real thing. Thing is I don't have the money for a Neve console or ssl outboard processing.
So the question is, which plugin or plugin combination will bring me close to the real thing ?
I usually record and mix modern music (pop, rock etc...) Now I got this nice Blues band who revisited a few old classics. I want them to sound actual, but then also have a tinny bit of that analog sound on their album. I'm using T-Racks CS for mastering but I'd like something I can put before it to smooth it and warm it up.

PSP SpringBox an emulation of a high-end quality studio spring reverberator.

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16 years 3 months

We are happy to announce the release of the [=" PSP SpringBox[/]="http://pspaudioware… PSP SpringBox[/], an emulation of a hardware spring reverberator in VST, AU, AAX and RTAS plug-in formats for Windows and Mac OS X.

Console emulation setup

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9 years 1 month
Hey All,

I purchased the WavesNLS the other day and started putting it in some mixes. The results I found really pleasing.
( I dont have any hardware and use pro tools LE,record direct to digi 02 rack)
I used too much drive but I think between that and no drive I will find a sweet spot for my liking.

My question is to those of you who have been using a console emu plug in . Do you have preferences to where you place
it in the fx inserts?. Ive tried eq before and after.
At this stage I like my EQ (sonnox) after the emu plug.

UAD Lexicon 224 Emulation

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15 years 7 months
Universal Audio announced their next plugin - a http://www.sonicsta… Lexicon 224 reverb.[/]="http://www.sonicsta… Lexicon 224 reverb.[/] The price is steep: $349. I love the sound of the old Lexicons, but I'm not producing anything right now that I think requires it. I'll demo it as soon as it comes out though.

Mr Tramp 2 free Wurlitzer 200A Electric Piano emulation

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21 years 2 months
Just came across this vst great electric piano emulation, this is physical modelling and coded in c+ . Never had the chance to try a real wurlitzer but have played a rhodes and this thing stacks up really well 8-)

what do you think about amp/guitar emulation? Line 6?

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21 years 2 months
Got into an argument with my roommate about amp emulation. My first guitar amp was a Line 6 Flextone II. Which to this day i still have and I love it. My roommate said my amp was crap and hes never heard a good sound from it. On the flip side i know an experienced musician who owns a Variax and owns one of the modeled guitars on the variax. He recorded both guitars though the same amp, and he couldnt tell a difference. Im not saying a line6 is gunna sound exactly like a tube amp or a 4x10 cab, but very close to one.