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So.. after the dramas of trying to install OS 1.50 on my Quantum. Success!. I put up $60.00 for an old IBM Thinkpad off eBay running Windows XP. Note to all the unwary, MIDI interfaces on USB do NOT like virtual versions of windows, no matter how slick they seem to be working.

The result of the upgrade is as follows..

1.1. Multi-band chain with De-Esser
1.2. Ambience added to all Dual Mono Setups
1.3. MS-EQ added to all Stereo Linked Setups
1.4. MS-COMP (MS-Compressor, MS-Gate, MS-Limiter,
and MS-Side Chain EQ) added to all Stereo Linked
Non-Multi-band Setups
1.5. Autoload Off
1.6. Meter Ballistics - for setting the speed of peak and aveage


2.1. New FX Chains
The Quantum 1.5 software upgrade adds a new Stereo Multi-band
chain with De-Esser. This will be indicated by the D in the program
display. To use this new chain, select the Stereo Linked User
Setup "Def MB w/ DS". In this configuration, the gain reduction
meters display the De-Esser gain reduction added to each band’s
gain reduction.

Full upgrade doc.

Obviously not many of these around. Still regarded by some as a great piece of gear. I gave it a quick run through after the update. Very subtle or dramatic, nice choices.



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