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Hey, everybody!

My question refers to drums: room mic compression. I currently have two EL8 momo distressors. I like them on the room mics but, would it be better to use a stereo EL8 insted? would there be a difference? and if not, whats the point of offering a stereo unit? if you get the same results with two mono units at a cheaper price? thanks for any opinions.


AudioGaff Wed, 08/18/2004 - 23:50

There is no stereo EL-8 Distressor. You link two mono units for 2-channel/stereo use. There is the stereo image mod that can be done to each unit that helps in keeping the imgaging and levels stable. Even with the mod, many seem to feel that it still is not stable enough. I haven't verified that myself, as I can't see using two distressors on the same source even if it is a sub or mix bus.

anonymous Wed, 08/18/2004 - 23:59

The stereo unit you're talking about is the fatso. A different beast worth checking out!

Regarding room mics, if they are sufficently far away from the kit, there should not be much difference in levels between the two channels. Using two distressors and engaging the Stereo Image link should do fine.