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mono vs stereo

Recording in stereo - Real Acoustic Performances


It seemed sensible, before starting to do the video on recording choirs, to explain a little about the differing techniques you can use to record 'real' stereo - as in recording the placement of individual sound sources within a stereo soundfield. Quite different from our usual multitrack method of panning the various tracks to their proper location. Recording with just a pair of microphones means we have to do the job in particular ways - and many of these have 'labels' - X/Y, A/B, ORTF, Blumlein, M/S and many others.

Stereo vs. Mono Di ? Stereo bleeding ?

Hi gang,
I'm looking to step up the quality of Di I own and since like always I don't want to spend too much. I'm thinking of buying a stereo DI instead of 2 mono.
This could be the one I choose : Radial ProD2 Passive 2 Channel Direct Box
My concern is, could there be bleeding between the channels if I put 2 completely different sources instead of a stereo source ?
They advertise it as 2 ProDi in one, but before I buy, I thought to ask here...

Upmixing mono to STEREO

Those interested in upmixing mono source material to stereo should check out my website, http://www.monotost…"] . The website provides a collection of resources for those using audio spectral editing, sound source separation, and related processes for upmixing older mono source material to stereo. In addition to highlighting a number of tools, there are over 700 research papers and presentations listed on the RESEARCH pages of the website. I continue to add additional content as time permits.

isolating mono from stereo master file?

I'm interested to hear how you guys pull out the mono stuff from a stereo track. For example if a certain track has only an acoustic guitar hard left, another acoustic guitar hard right and a vocal track dead center, and all you had was the stereo master file to work with, how would you go about pulling out the vocals in the center if you wanted to make it (as close as possible) to an instrumental track?

Cubase 5 - Recording in Mono but it's switching to Stereo


I'm having a really annoying problem that I just can't seem to figure out. I'm recording guitar tracks in mono, setting all my effects, panning, volume, etc...If I save the project, close out of it, then open it back up, all my guitar tracks have switched over to stereo and my effects, panning, volume changes are all gone. Anybody know what is causing this and how I can avoid it?



Stereo/mono question - Cubase

Ok, so I just recorded a bunch of tracks in Cubase on my bass guitar. However, I'm an idiot and had all the tracks as stereo even though bass is a mono instrument. Also, on my M-audio USB fastrack which I'm using to record, I had it set on stereo. When I recorded and played it back the sound would only come out of one earphone and the other one would just play constant white noise/static.

Mixing Stereo and Mono interconnect cables in system?

About to hook up my friend's recently purchased equipment and went to Guitar Center this morning to get the interconnect cables.

I am hooking up starting from top to bottom:

Numark Mixer into
Peavey EQ into
Rane AC22 Xover into
Crown MT1200 for bass and MT600 for mids and highs