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Distressor's Opto mode vs LA2A sound?

Hi there

It's in the title really. I always come here for the sensible grounded advice that other forum's can lack at times. That's a compliment in case you're wondering. :biggrin:

How well can a Distressor's Opto mode carry off an LA2A sound?

The reason I ask is because I'll be buying one of them at the end of this month. So far this year, I have already picked up a Mohog Audio MoFet76 and an API 2500, both of which I am delighted with.

dbx160a vs. Distressor

Hi guys,
Alright, I do mainly hiphop, r&b music.
Lots of rap vocals. So its widely known the with hiphop, if the drums don't thump, the songs not happening all the way.

I'm looking to invest in my first outboard compressor. I have lots of
experiece with the uad stuff as well as waves. But I think the plugs are missing what I need for that true thump.

Looking at either a DBX160a, or something nicer like a distressor. If
you guys could give me some pros and cons of each, I'd let you sleep with my girlfriend. If I had one ;)

Vintech X81-Distressor or TubeTech comp . Killer VOX?

Hey all, planning towards new additions. Primary style Gospel-Hip-Hop, RAP, R&B, etc. Current pieces:

Focusrite ISA 428

I'm wanting to add to my pallete the Vintech X81 and either the Tube Tech compressor or the Distressor. I also am locked on the Blues Kiwi and the AD card for the ISA.

Unfortunatly the Guitar Center doesn't carry the Vintech or these comps so your opinions will be paramount.


so, Kurt, about the Distressor...

I respect your opinion on gear. I am hearing you say the Distressor doesn't cut it. Could you be more specific?
I am ready to buy tracking compression, but have heard that
the Distressor is the only one that is NOT a one--trick-pony.
Is it NOT a swiss armyknife unit?
My other choices are
Manley ELOP,
pair of Daking
pair of Chandler LTD

Distressor users out there?

Hey guys, i'm fairly new to the Emperical Labs EL-8x Distressor. I really like what I hear so far but I thought it might be cool to have a forum just for Distressor and FATSO talk. There is some pretty cool info I found by searching but you have to wade thru a lot of stuff to get to the interesting tid bits. Just my thoughts.


DISTRESSOR, mono or stereo...???

Hey, everybody!

My question refers to drums: room mic compression. I currently have two EL8 momo distressors. I like them on the room mics but, would it be better to use a stereo EL8 insted? would there be a difference? and if not, whats the point of offering a stereo unit? if you get the same results with two mono units at a cheaper price? thanks for any opinions.

Anyone used the SPECK ASC EQ? DISTRESSOR?? R84 Ribbon??

Hey guys just got my Great River MP-2NV in and I am already wanting to get a good EQ and comp to go with it. I have seen where the Speck ASC and RNC comps are recommended to use with the GR. (Mercenary Audio) Anyone out there use these pieces and what do you think about them??? Will I really hear a substantial sonic improvement over my UAD cards Pultec eq and LA-2A/1176 LN comps? (I do use my Waves Ren eq's/comps quiet a bit too) I've been told out board eq and comp kills "in the box" stuff but havn't seen for myself.