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Do your worst, need some heavy criticism for these tracks.

I am very new to the mixing world, my first project is my band, Identity Krisis', album and I need some advice on
mixing and mastering. I have finished 5 tracks so far and here they are.

http://www.identity…"]Unreleased Tracks — Identity Krisis[/]="http://www.identity…"]Unreleased Tracks — Identity Krisis[/]

I made a somewhat private webpage on my bands website to host the music as the other members of my band simply don't want me releasing things on sound cloud as of yet.


anonymous Sat, 01/05/2013 - 05:34
First off let me say that I am very open minded to all kinds of music. It's considered art if even one person likes it. I don't believe in censorship in any way shape or form, I believe it's the listener's responsibility to determine what they want to watch, read, listen to...

All that being said, I simply can't listen to anything with the N word, especially when it's repeated as much as you have. I'm not slamming you, that's your thing.... it's just not mine.

I will tell you that I am hearing several cases of "splosives"... hard B's and P's that are either slipping past a pop filter, or are in dire need of one between the performer and the mic.

The last track, the instrumental one, I found to be reminiscent of old P-Funk, a 'la Maggot Brain. Guitar tone was pretty bad to my ears, but then again it was pretty goddam bad on the P-Funk track too. and it got lots of airplay (usually late night underground radio) back in the day.

That's pretty much all I can offer at this point, as I'm not anywhere near being familiar in listening to - or engineering/producing or mixing this genre.