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fresh mix in the works, any extra ears available would be great! Heavy Rock

Hey everyone this is a band from my area that I tracked a couple months ago, getting down the nitty gritty with it right now. When I listen to the guitar tone I cant help but think its too gainy. Or possibly its that solid state sound coming from their amps, but regardless I could really use some fresh ears on the mix.

New Heavy Hard Rock Band from Athens, Greece

Hello everyone. I'm a sound engineer from Athens, Greece and with my band we started recording our first Album.My band is called Shadow. It's a blend of all the styles from Hard Rock and Metal music and we try to combine it with our own flavor. Is there anyone here how is dealing with that kind of music ?

Shure SM57 vs Heil PR20 on Heavy Guitars

Both are very good mics that anyone should be able to achieve good sound with. The SM57 is a classic and many classic and modern guitar tracks have been recorded with them. The Heil PR20 is a different sound and sounds more balanced to my ear. Fuller on the low end, easier on the brightness, but one drawback is that it seems a little busy in the mids. Little EQ to fix this, not a big deal.