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Hey guys, how u doing?

Need some urgent help. I'm working on a really important project, on a Snow leopard.

So, yesterday we did some video edit, sound design etc, then we saved stuff etc, turned off the machine...

When I tried to startup logic again at night, it showed that ' plugins missed' screen. Then we cancelled it, so Logic should startup without plugins anyway. But it didn't. It crashed instead. *(The Logic unexpected crash, with a yellow sign on it.)

It was told on the error log, it crashed when trying to load DAE plugins.

So, we're kinda helpless. Making our audio edits on garage band and stuff...I'm suspectful about memory. From a total of almost 500GB, we've got only like 150GB. Lastnight when we were editing vidz and stuff, at the end of the day it was already slow as hell. Then, Logic never came back.

Would it help you helping me, to post the error message, log etc?hing
Is it even the right session for this post?

Well, it's a matter of life or death, to have Logic running, so right now I'm afraid to die.

Bye guys, help me PLEASE.

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