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Tone Empire Plugins released Reelight Pro (Tape Saturation and Compressor)

The invention of digital audio recordings liberated sound engineers in many ways which were not possible in the analog era. Even with all the tools at one’s fingertips, musicians and engineers sorely missed the sound and sonics of earlier recordings. The magic that the recording mediums imparted by default and one which was taken for granted.

What are your most transparent plugins?

Ive been interested in transparent gear and processors lately, and just wondering what the most transparent pluggins are that your using. I think i would say the fabilter compressor, and ozone eq are probably mine. The fab limiter has a bit of a gloss to it to me I'm not sure if its as transparent as the ozone limiter but i do like it. I haven't used it yet but i think the softube Weiss comp/limiter/maximizer will probably be more transparent than ozone or fab.

Mixing with Samplitude Pro X5 - (only included plugin s)

Mixing with Samplitude - You & Me & The Radio

I've been doing this for a while. Once or twice a year, I like to download free tracks and mix them. It gives me a chance to adapt to different recording qualities and mind set. I mostly mix my own stuff, so I think it's a good exercise to do.. If you want to join me, download the tracks and send me links to your mixes. Human Radio - 'You & Me & The Radio' Pop/Rock Downloaded here :

[Ableton] Is there a way to keep plugin windows from opening automatically when I import an effect r

I created an audio effect rack out of some 3rd-party plugins and I throw it on a lot of instruments. Whenever I pull it out of my browser and onto a track, all of and only the 3rd-party plugin windows open automatically which is unneeded and annoying.

I hate having to close all the windows one by one. Is there a way to keep them from popping up?

I've ensured they are all closed when I save the rack preset.


plugging up my first patch bay ? Doing it right!

I am about to plug up my studio.
I got some great info about the inputs I have .

So step one is to run my instruments through a patch bay, normalled to mixer channels on my Yamaha 32/10.

I am hoping to use an 8 channel snake from the patchbay's outputs to the mixer's inputs.
Its getting complicated quick, because of the various outputs of my instruments. Here is the list.
1 = sm57 mic
2= sm57 mic
3=electric drums L
4=electric drums R
5= Rhodes ( with amp)
6= Rhodes (no amp)

Technical question about getting plugins information

Hi all!

So close to what I'm searching for, I wonder if there would be a solution. I'm aware that it would be almost a miracle if I success.

Mac user, I have an old PC Cubase session. I really want to work again on that song. In the first place, I want to rebuild it (the old version is great to me).

I know the plugins that I used at the time (they're installed on my computer), but I don't know the precise sounds I used, among hundreds.

Analogue sequencer plugin s: modulating gate length

I use Cubase and I'm trying out various analog sequencer-style free plugins in order to create Tangerine Dream Berlin school short MIDI monophonic note sequences. One thing that seems to be missing is the facility to continuously modulate the gate (note) length. For example, the Sequencair plugin has a gate knob for each note which enables the length to be altered from 0-100% or from silent to a note tie to the next note.. This knob can be assigned to a MIDI controller and thereby continuously modified as the sequence plays - but only for that single note in the sequence.