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Pro Tools Crash when using Time Compression/Expansion in Audiosuite

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11 years

I select an audio track...i open under Audiosuite any of the time compression plugs (Avid system TCE, Serato PnT Pro, Waves SoundShift, Etc) ...i managed to analize teh audio....hear teh preview...but....when i clic RENDER Protools immediatly crashes


Digi 003 Console

Pro Tool HD 12.5

Win 10

Cubase Artist 10.5 suddenly stops and crashes.

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2 years 10 months
I had a bit of a format and decided to just put my games on (linked via separate hdd) and Cubase using my main ssd. I copied my settings and preferences to save some time and everything seemed to be working ok. I loaded some of my old projects which are setup different to my current project settings and found Cubase would out of the blue freeze for a second then crash. I tried to copy my old project to my current setup which seemed to work for awhile but I got another freeze and crash. This can happen on playback and recording.

Crash! Bang! Boom! Need backup advice...

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11 years 8 months
So it finally happened. I just lost my bands first two CDs of music in the form of the original Cubase multi-tracks.

I can reconstruct them, and I will.

I need advice on a small backup system so that this can't happen again. I can't spend a thousand dollars on a nice box. Something more ghetto, but functional, would do.

A sad day here. And I stepped barefoot on a bee! Sometimes it doesn't pay to get out of bed! LOL! I'll cheer up soon enough.


Pro Tools 10.3 crash at initial run

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8 years 6 months

I finally just assembled my home set up, and have invested in some great equipment. I'm running pro tools (latest 10 update), UA2 DUO, on a custom built PC (WIN 7 Pro, totally optimized, 8 G RAM, 1000W power, dedicated graphics, and nothing else to muddy the system - brand new). I'm using a Mackie Onyx 1640i interface. It's firewire integrated, and a really well thought out board.

EMERGENCY - Logic crashes on startup(plugin or memory?)

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11 years 6 months
Hey guys, how u doing?

Need some urgent help. I'm working on a really important project, on a Snow leopard.

So, yesterday we did some video edit, sound design etc, then we saved stuff etc, turned off the machine...

When I tried to startup logic again at night, it showed that 'plugins missed' screen. Then we cancelled it, so Logic should startup without plugins anyway. But it didn't. It crashed instead. *(The Logic unexpected crash, with a yellow sign on it.)

Digital Performer 7.2 crashing

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12 years 4 months
Hey all,
I've been using DP 7.2, on a mac g5. when i do the sequence of 'undo' then 'rewind' using the number pads' "7", the program crashes. we've gone back to 7.0, and that has helped, but i a avoid using this sequence, out of fear of losing another four hours work.
Our keypad button assignment is not stock, and a buddy suggested maybe it is a 'hot key'. I'm brand new to DP. Not sure what OS we're using, i'll have to check next time i get down to the studio. Any thoughts?

windows 7 ultimate 64 constantly crashing - MEMORY MANAGEMENT and other BSODs!

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13 years 9 months
Well, I've had my AMD phenom 2 for over a year, and have recorded an antire album plus many other things with it

the specs

AMD phenom 2 x3 720 (2.8)
8gb ram (gskill ddr3 1333)
windows 7 ultimate 64bit
gigabyte mobo
1tb HD (2 500gb disks)
Juli@ recording interface
ATI XFXforce 4890 1gb video card

Uninstalled Automap, now Logic crashing on startup, please help!

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12 years 6 months
Hey all, since I uninstalled Automap from my computer by dragging it from the applications folder to the trash, I cannot start Logic without it crashing (Pro 9 if it makes any difference). I did some looking around and it turns out I should have done a few things in Automap before deleting it, but I have since replaced it and done those things etc, all to no avail. If anybody has been through this or has a suggestion, I'd really appreciate it

logic pro 9 is still crashing

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15 years 4 months
I'm abel to turn on the program however i'm not abel to go into my library without it crashing on me,i've check the file and the sample instruments are there however they are not being activated so that is where I'm stuck at,will you help me out so that i can get back to regular programming,thank you