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I have a bunch of multitrack Pyramix files that need to go to a Sequoia user. We are hoping to convert them to AIFF, BWF, or WAV and send them over in a format that will allow the operator to import (drag/drop) the takes into Seq without having to treat each individual track of a given take. That is, the takes will be multitrack files.

I am using (in the PMX Media Manager) "Quick Export". After naming the target area for the converted file to go to, I am 'unchecking' "one file per track" (I want the multitrack take to be one file, not a bunch of files), and I am checking "flatten track numbers".

Of my formats, is AIFF, BWF, or WAV best for the Sequoia user?

Any other suggestions?



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Exsultavit Thu, 10/19/2006 - 00:35

Thanks, Ben

So would I break out each take into individual tracks, giving the Seq operator, say, 8 individual files to make up one 8 track take?

I get now that BWF files are time stamped, so the tracks will be easily placed at their original time. But does a BWF file 'know' what track it goes to as well? The last time I had to import a project as BWF, I did not figure out that trick, and had to spend a very long time assembing each individual take's tracks before I could begin the edit. Of course I was importing into PMX, not Seq. This time, the edit will be by a Seq operator, so perhaps you can tell me here the best way for a Seq operator to do this? We are talking maybe 500 takes of 8 tracks per take... maybe 4000 individual files.



ptr Thu, 10/19/2006 - 05:00


How do Pmx name its individual files?

In Seq You get a trak no and a take no added to all files.. fx :

trio nr 101_24_T001, trio nr 101_24_T002, trio nr 101_24_T003 etc.

trio nr 102_M24_T001 etc.

trio nr 103_M24_T001 etc

trio nr 104_M24_T001 etc

trio nr 105_24_T001 etc

A seven track recording I did a last month.. The naming order is :

trio nr 1 : 01 : _24 : _T001
Name : Track no : Bitrate+(Mono(M) ore Stereo (Nothing)) : Take No..

If PMX names its files like this or You can export them like this, importing in Seq would be easy peasy. Just klick "W" for ad file and select (Marking the last sequential file first and the first last) the approiate files for the track and your set..

I'd say .wav would be fine as file type..

I import stuff from all sorts of platforms daly (no PMX yet tho, but protools, logic, wavelab, etc, etc) into Sequoia and as long as there's some kind of logical naming of the files including track and take number there's never been any problem..