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Audio export in cubase

Hi, when I export audio mixdown in cubase, the resulting file has no sound when played. I have set stereo output, set position markers, if I use realtime I can hear it playing during export, and the resulting file has about 3Mb as expected so it must have data in it, but no sound when I play trying various players. I must be missing something basic but can't figure out what. Any ideas?

Slow export time in Samplitude Pro X4

Greetings friends!. This is my first comment / question I hope you can help me a little.
I had the opportunity a couple of weeks ago to record a symphony orchestra added to a live band. A total of 64 channels were recorded through 2 Beheringer mixers (X32).
Now that I'm finishing some of the mixes, with many processes on almost all channels, the export time is very slow.

How to [batch] cut/name/export several sections of recording?

hey all.

i have a recording of a broadcast about 2hrs long, with a bunch of songs and comercials. i want to just cut out some commercials, and name/export the songs individually so they'll play in a playlist in my media player. it was originally recorded into Audacity, using the (internal) L/R of the laptop as the source, ie 'what u hear' option.

Exporting A Mixdown With Adobe Audition 3.0

Hey guys,

I have this song recorded, edited and all that on Adobe Audition, but when I wanna export it, it just gives me a blank track! I've tried WAV, MP3, etc, and various other options, but nothing seems to work. If anyone can help me with this, please do, I would much appreciate it!


Cubase - Exporting Selected Tracks


I have an issue with Cubase SX3.

1) I imported 10 MP3 files into a project, each one sitting on a different track.

2) I trimmed off the first 5 seconds of each track using the split tool.

3) I selected all tracks.

4) I went to File - Export - Selected Tracks

6) I choose "copy" when the pop-up asked for "copy" or "reference"

Export wavs. from Cubase on windows not in time on logic mac


Yesterday we recorded drums at a studio. The drums were recorded onto a windows PC running Cubase SX3. These tracks were then exported onto a DVD (each separate track into a wav). When we imported these wavs. into Logic Pro on a MacBook running Leopard they go out of time.