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Samplitude/Sequoia EQ116 Best Digital EQ ?

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3 years 6 months
I use Logic for sound design and MIDI many years but, I use samplitude/sequoia for Mix and Mastering. there is something that caught my attention about Eq quality. eq116 this eq is the cleanest eq I've ever heard.

I compared it with many eqs with EQ116. i think The eq116 is the cleanest eq I ever heard. but i tried Dmg audio or uad cambridge or uad massenburg eq, and others..
Do you have a more transparent eq plug-in than eq 116 ? ist it best ? or
Which is more transparent compared to
Algorithmix EQ blue or orange,
UAD cambridge

Triggering my live cowbell off snare in Sequoia

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4 years
I LOVE tracking cowbell as I am among other things a percussionist but sometimes the snare hits are off (cause it can't possibly be me) ;>) and I can't read minds. Ha ha! So how do I trigger my cowbell off the snare so I don't have to line them up. Is this possible without a sampling plug in? :>) Thanks....

Samplitude /Sequoia VCA explained

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8 years 9 months
Here's another great vid I found from Kraznet onYT...
This one explains using VCA faders in Samplitude Pro X 2 and later. This is a great video for those who want to know about VCA mixing, or who perhaps have questions about what VCA is and what it does.
Kraz is an incredible resource for Samplitude instructions and explanations, his vids are always clear, concise... he gets right to the subject without any fluff or comversational bloat. His vids arent based on a subjectivity, he simply explains the various functions without an opinion.

New highlights Sequoia 14

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21 years
New highlights Sequoia 14
Sequoia 14 - Artist presentation I 5
  • Clear, redesigned start dialog •
  • New mixer skins for a choice of algorithms •

  • Efficient docking options for multi-project management •

  • Batch processing for watch folders •

  • Support for new video formats and codecs •

  • Clipstore folders • Safe record stop •

  • Multichannel export without surround master •

Sequoia 14 or ... ?

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6 years 9 months
It seems as though Sequoia 14 may be around the corner, but... do I want it? I am still feeling the razor burn almost 2 years later, when a scant 3 weeks after I plunked down well over £2000 for v13, out came a Samplitude update with all the features I had wanted from Sequoia... for a fraction of the price ( I think I even saw it for 1/10th the price at one point). Since then, insult has been added to injury with Magix giving Samplitude preference over Sequoia for cutting edge feature updates, and bringing out Pro X3 before Sequoia's update.