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Samplitude /Sequoia VCA explained

Here's another great vid I found from Kraznet onYT...
This one explains using VCA faders in Samplitude Pro X 2 and later. This is a great video for those who want to know about VCA mixing, or who perhaps have questions about what VCA is and what it does.
Kraz is an incredible resource for Samplitude instructions and explanations, his vids are always clear, concise... he gets right to the subject without any fluff or comversational bloat. His vids arent based on a subjectivity, he simply explains the various functions without an opinion.

Sequoia 14 or ... ?

It seems as though Sequoia 14 may be around the corner, but... do I want it? I am still feeling the razor burn almost 2 years later, when a scant 3 weeks after I plunked down well over £2000 for v13, out came a Samplitude update with all the features I had wanted from Sequoia... for a fraction of the price ( I think I even saw it for 1/10th the price at one point). Since then, insult has been added to injury with Magix giving Samplitude preference over Sequoia for cutting edge feature updates, and bringing out Pro X3 before Sequoia's update.



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