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Frequency Responses in the signal chain

So to me this has a somewhat obvious answer, but I've never actually heard it discussed so I'm not certain, and I'm not sure many people have thought about it too much.

When working with a signal chain of say, just a microphone, pre-amp, and recording device, the maximum frequency response of the end-result file is going to be the frequency response of the lowest response in the chain, correct?

Let's say I have a Sound Devices 722 two channel recorder - which has a FR of 10hz to 40khz, and a Senheisser MKH800, which goes up to 50khz. Even though the sample rate of the 722 goes up to 192khz, the file recorded on the SD722 is only going to reproduce up to 40khz, correct?

The flipside to this is - if I have a Sanken CO-100K, with a response of 20hz - 100Khz, and a Korg MR-1000, which also has a frequency response for 20-hz to 100Khz, I should be getting a much better file than the 722 using a sanken CO-100k, right?

The big problem is that I can't think of any way to test a lot of this stuff - there's no frequency analyzers that I know of that go up to 100k, and I don't want to buy an oscilloscope.


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