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Help needed with my mixing environment

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Hi there , i am in seek of a little help from the pros around here:

i am finding a few problems with my setup:

1. when making a bass , i find that theres a certain note that is far more 'sub-ier' than any of the other notes, yet when i play a cd from another producer of the similar genre, the bass is pretty much non existent in that cd , and a lot less lower, why is it that the sub comes through so well on my msp5's at this particular frequency yet fails to reproduce most bass notes in music made by my admirer's.?.

i must ask: for me to get a clear readout of what i am making would u suggest me treating my room or buying some new monitors or any other suggestions you may have to give?

theres also another problem, when making music i tend to cut frequencies when i mix down for an all together clearer mix, textbook stuff really, but around the 200-500hz mark i find it really difficult to hear anything with clarity.
i took 1 track i mixed recently to a friends house who has a pair of adam a7's, his room is not treated in any way, like mine, but the mix came out a lot better, i realized i was cutting far too much low end (200-500)off my sounds that resulted in a poor made the mix sound good on the msp5's but bad anywhere else.. is this due to my room? or the monitors?

thanks for any help you can give

all the best