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I was given the Kemper Profiler on load for a few weeks to try out in my studio. Wow! It was outstanding. We were busy with a recording session at the time and I was so impressed that I decided to use it exclusively in the session. It turned out looking like a Kemper demo but I think that you'll agree - the tone was pretty convincing. I had to give it back to it's owner this weekend and I'm going to miss it. Oh well...

I also had two friends help out with the track: Larry Rose - Drums and Percussion and Dave Sharp Hammond C3.

The guitars went direct through the Kemper, I used a Marshall 1969 50 profile for all the guitars.

The Hammond was recorded with two mics on the Leslie horn and the drums were a collection of mics - D112 on the kick, SM57s on the Snare and Toms and Behringer B1s on the Hi-hat and Overheads. I Like the B1s because they're quite bright sounding.

The acoustic gtr was recorded with an SE2200H and the Bass went direct through the Line 6 Helix. My DAW is Cakewalk by Bandlab (used to be called SONAR). My audio interface is a MOTU 16A.




PJH Wed, 05/15/2019 - 13:01

Thanks Stevie,

I've since bought a Kemper and have made my own profiles of my rig (pedals and amp). I was blown away when I compared the captured profile to the real thing. I was so impressed that I made two short clips to demonstrate just how close this gets in feel and tone.

The actual amp and pedal. Recorded with an SM57

The profile of the amp and pedal created and recorded directly with the Kemper