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MAGIX, by acquiring the full Vegas Pro, Movie Studio, Sound Forge Pro and ACID Pro product lines from SCS, will further cement its position in the market and accelerate its international growth as a leading creator of video, music and photo-editing software and apps in Europe and the U.S.

"The MAGIX team has a unique expertise in software and will breathe new life into these storied media titles for professionals and consumers," said Alec Shapiro, president, Sony's Professional Solutions Americas. "Our suite of Catalyst products has carved a unique niche in the production community. We will focus on developing these technologies and making them even more powerful workflow solutions for our professional broadcast and production customers.

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kmetal Sat, 05/28/2016 - 18:51

I better order my copy of movie edit pro premium, before its 130$ tag quadruples. Magix is a really cool company, I hope they don't loose their roots, as they become a bigger player in the market. I'm not sure how I feel about this merger, it's not usually the end user who benefits, at least from my limited experience anyway. This is a good sign:

"MAGIX will continue to support all current SCS customers to ensure a seamless end user experience. The company has also hired several former SCS employees."

Digidesign obviously the worst offender, of a horrible merger for the end user. It's company dependent, for instance when Adobe acquired "cool edit" turning it into audition they preserved and improved, which is the best we can hope for in these situations. It's encouragnig that they seem to want to keep both brands in tact, and being Windows only, I'd love to see them compete with final cut, or avids video suite, with the common man in mind. Preferably, I'd love to see full cross platform support. It seems Apple isn't exactly looking to branch out with logic or final cut. So it may be up to Sony/magix to break the walls down, or perhaps we will have to live with a divide.