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In 2001 Universal Audio started it's line of plugins/DSP cards with a model of its own UA 1176. Their model of the 1176 was very good, but as you'd expect they've learned a lot over the last 10 years and a number of their recent plugins are more complex. A lot of people have been lobbying for them to go back and redo their old plugins and it looks like they've been listening. They came out with a suite of models of different incarnations of the 1176. ([=""]Look here.[/]="http://www.uaudio.c…"]Look here.[/]) I just started the demo and put them on a bass track. They are really sweet. A very noticeable improvement over the old model - smoother, less grainy. But the addition of the different options of the different eras is nice touch too. The price is $150 if you already own the old 1176. (It would be a pretty unusual situation if you didn't. The old plug comes with the standard package with a new UAD card.) The new plugs are not DSP hogs, but require quite a bit more than the old 1176 plug (which has a very low DSP load.) Yet another place to spend my money.

BTW, one of my favorite plugins is their model of an LA-2A. I am really looking forward to hear what they do with that.

Another piece of info: [[url=http://="http://www.uaudio.c…"]Here [/]="http://www.uaudio.c…"]Here [/]is UA's list of the various versions of the hardware 1176 and LA-2!


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