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Changing tubes on UA LA-610 - worth it ?

This video shows the process of changing tubes and comparing the before and after sound. I've did the mistake of recording with low gain to get the cleanest sound possible, before and after.. but it seems the sound is very similar but gets different with higher gain settings.. Anyway I hope it will be of interest to you nonetheless !

Let me know what you think !

UA Releases Updated Apollo

It looks like UA is trying to make a leap toward high end audio. The x16 model has 133db dynamic range on the DA side (monitor outputs) 124db on the line ins, 127 on the line outs. With price points staying the same as the previous gen, this line of Apollo is looking really sweet. Its nice to see attention given to the DA sides since you can't mix what you cant hear.

Universal Audio Ships Arrow Desktop Audio Interface For Music Creators

When I think of what I had to use in the 80's, like the Tascam Portastudio, then see this... (y) How cool.
Today's musicians have no excuse, so much more in-terms of producing "good enough" quality when it comes to being able to get affordable recording systems.

Look at this brilliant product from UA.

UAD Black Friday sale.

If you're jonesing for the new distressor and 3 other UAD plugins, seems to be no restrictions, now is a time to grab 4 for $399 or in my case £299.00 I bought the Distressor, Ocean Ways studios, Fender 55 tweed guitar amp and the Dytronics tri-stereo chorus. Wifes going to kill me, but, I had to jump, combined price of those is way more usually.

Happy black Friday :).