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reason question

hey all

does anyone know how to chain patterns together on reason? i've programmed a bunch of grooves and want to string them together to make a song now. been at this for a while and cant seem to figure it out. the help menu seems to be useless (i'm using reason adapted. )

thanks for any help


Member Fri, 10/20/2006 - 00:47
Not sure if it's the same in Reason Adapted, but another way to do it in regular Reason is to automate the pattern selector. You should be able to right click where the pattern list is (the buttons 1-8 and A-D) on Redrum, or in the sequencer's edit mode, view the "yellow" window. The icon for that is a yellow square that says "A1" and two narrow yellow rectangles, if you hover the mouse over it it will say "Show Pattern Lane".

Toggle off the other lanes for that track, as they'll just get in the way. Then just draw the different patterns wherever you want. There's a little dropdown inside the pattern lane which lets you choose the patterns, and you just draw with the pencil.

Once you get the pattern lane open, this can be a lot faster than having to move the loop section every time, but it depends how many patterns you have I guess. For a few patterns it's all preference, for a lot of patterns I suggest this method.

It's hard to explain, but really it's easy to do ;) If none of the above made sense, I can take a couple of screenshots and it will all be clear.

Member Thu, 09/21/2006 - 02:39
Reason adapted might be limited...

What I do is create a drum pattern, then in the sequencer set my L/R locators, right click on the Redrum, and click "pattern to track" or something. You then need to choose a different bank on the Redrum, otherwise you'll get phasing as both the pattern on the Redrum and in the sequencer will be playing.

From there, it is like any sequencer, you can duplicate parts, move things around etc...

Good luck!