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PA System for 5000 People!!! HELP

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hello folks
i need to operate live sound in an outdoor enclosure. there would be people making speeches there. the audience would be less than 5000 or so. i plan to use 8 pairs JBL MP225 driven by Numark Dimension4 Amps. Allen & Heath PA28 Mixer. Audio Technica PRO11 49QL.
please ppl, any advise? is this sufficient. i plan to connect eacn amplifier via a samson PB10PRO. this is all for Pakistan... plz guide. would really appreciate.


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Member Tue, 01/22/2008 - 13:43
power amps

thanks very much for your views its very kind of u to get back. i have a choice of Amps between Samson 2400, Crown XTII2000 and Dimension4 by Numark. In pakstan at this pont these are all that i can buy even if i am willing to pay more there isnt enough time to get them in from Dubai or i would go straight for Peavey or QSC. plz advise one from the three?

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bent Tue, 01/22/2008 - 14:25
Crown, my man!

The 2000 does 800W / channel @ 4ohms.

The integrated DSP is a nice touch. I haven't used the XTI series personally, but I bet setting them up is a little easier than their CrownIQ
(Not to say that IQ for Windows is all that difficult to navigate).

Your JBL cabs handle 500W / 4ohms, Full Range.

Being that they are full range cabs, you would do well to run each cabinet off one amp channel.

This means that if you do have 16 cabinets you're looking at 8 amplifiers needed for your show.

You can run those amps with a 2ohm load, cutting the number of amps needed in half, but keep in mind that they'll be working pretty hard, not to mention that THD doubles at that load.

If you choose the 2 ohm route, get a spare - just in case.

For anyone else that wants to chime in:

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bent Sat, 01/19/2008 - 15:25
The cabs (16 total!), board and mics are sufficient.
The amps scare me, but if you're in a pinch and have enough to push the cabs - hold your breath, cross your fingers and do it to it!

I've seen a few DJ's with the Pro11 mics, they aren't half bad.

MAKE SURE your Gain Structure is set correctly!!!