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I'm absolutely inexperienced in the recording sector, so my question may be a little strange as well. I make it short . My brother is of the opinion that a singer of a friendly band does not really hit the sound. Is it somehow possible to measure using a mp4 file of a promotion videos whether my brother or I are right? How do I go there so that I can show him visually that he is wrong :) ... or am I completely wrong?

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pcrecord Mon, 09/10/2018 - 06:22

By hiting the sound, I guess you ment being in tuned. As for softwares go today, it would be very hard to isolate the vocal alone and then mesure the pitch.
If you had an acapela recording or multitrack version of the song, it would be easier.
Altought, melodyne does poliphonic detection.. but it's a hard shot..

It's very delicate to argue about pitch with someone. People will hear if an instrument or vocal is intune or not and others won't.
I've got a few pitch deaf friends which I'm glad aren't making music.

If indeed the signer is off, it will also be very delicate to bring the issue to him.

You could post the sample here and make the signer read the answers.. ;)

Sam Zorn Mon, 09/10/2018 - 09:06

:LOL::LOL: how do you say so nice ... with criticism you have to be able to handle... :LOL:(y)

a few years ago, I once tried in audacity to filter out a voice.
The result was more bad than good. That's why I've already dealt with the topic a bit.

The band is more of a newcomer ... so far they have only posted two videos. I've seen her live a few times already.
And for a not so experienced group I think that they sound really great .... they cover a lot of led zeppelin and I think that his voice fits well ...

Your opinion would interest me. if you like, listen to it .... and thank you for your quick response! (y)

pcrecord Mon, 09/10/2018 - 10:25

The pitch is all over the place in the verses of the first song. After that it gets better. He has a good voice, but seems laking energy and needs to be more convincing... If warming up is an issue, he should do it off stage.

Going further in the video it sounds ok

It's hard to act the story of a song and give the emotions, being on pitch and time..

KurtFoster Mon, 09/10/2018 - 10:29

pcrecord, post: 458933, member: 46460 wrote: The pitch is all over the place in the verses of the first song. After that it gets better. He has a good voice, but seems to laking energy and being more convincing...
It's hard to act the story of a song and give the emotions, being on pitch and time..

yeah, it takes talent. self publishing is a two edged sword. anything like that would have never seen the light of day in days past. lol.

pcrecord Mon, 09/10/2018 - 11:06

Kurt Foster, post: 458934, member: 7836 wrote: yeah, it takes talent. self publishing is a two edged sword. anything like that would have never seen the light of day in days past. lol.

On the other hand, if he had tons of emotion, we'd worry much less about pitch. but he barely opens his mouth. Either of alcool abuse or lake of interest or just a plain desperate need of warming up ;)

But as I said, for other songs in the video it sounds good...

KurtFoster Mon, 09/10/2018 - 11:21

to be honest, i didn't listen past the few bad notes. i have no tolerance for off pitch singing.

edit: ok i listened to some of the rest. i still hear pitch issues but not as bad as the first song. there is a number of things i dislike about this band / video but i won't go into that. the singing is pretty bad.

DogsoverLava Mon, 09/10/2018 - 18:09

The first two lines of the first song are horribly out of tune... the singer is obviously nervous and he hasn't warmed up.... he blows simple intervals and his voice just can't stay on pitch on those early notes. He's sharp mostly (a greater sin to the ear -- Neil Young made a career on being flat) but it varies. At about a minute in he gets more control of his voice but when he's back to the verses we realize he's just really weak controlling the lower register and lower dynamic passages - that he can't regulate the air properly and maintain pitch in softer (less dynamic sections). Some of this is still him being scared and nervous. This can all be corrected with training and coaching but needs to be addressed for sure. The other factor to consider is that he's singing in a language that he's not super fluent with -- so he's not got that natural intuitive control over the syllables and accents of the words that a native english speaker would have -- again - working with a coach can help him correct this. I sang Classical music in all kinds of languages -- you just need to really work it out so you have phonetic mastery and certainty over a word -- otherwise if you hesitate going in you will falter.

By the second song he's warmed up enough that his tuning issues are less obvious -- but they are still there --- he's about 65% on the second song. 3rd song -- much better --his tone has stabilized - his control is there -- but he's still very marble mouthed -- he really does need to work with a vocal and articulation coach because he sounds (to us english speakers) like somebody with a speech impediment... Baby talk. For a German singer he should be able to get on top of this -- it's even harder for Asian language singers to do but the pros can do it.

So the fourth song is playing now -- let's see if he can pull off the dynamics of this slower ballad..... OK -- better. he's sitting about 75-80% as far as pitch goes -- not crazy bad for a live performance - a few bum notes in the choruses towards the end specifically so it's really hit and miss.... and he ends it a bit rough...... there's a really bad warble there in his control...

5th song starts off ok -- but he needs to study Eddie Vedder for how to tone shape -- he's just not quite doing it.... he's using his upper palette a lot to shape notes as opposed to his throat -- makes everything thin... and robs him of areas where he could better control his pitch physiologically.... but again -- all stuff that working with a coach and a good vocal/line producer could correct very quickly.....

pcrecord noticed he barely opened his mouth -- and I noticed this too -- that's usually two things -- fear and inexperience --- but also maybe he's self conscious about his dental hygiene or the state of his teeth (it happens).

All in all -- lost of potential here, but he needs someone to work with him and coach him -- but some great potential. Everything they are doing is very derivative right now -- there are no hits here at all -- this is all journeyman original rock stuff and I could equally name all the influences right down to the songs that these cop from -- but that's okay too -- because there's possibility of growth here. Good musicians -- some raw and undeveloped talent across the board -- but they need help/development.... Right now they are like the best band in a local town/or city -- a band that might even be the best in an area or province --- but they are not national level yet, and certainly not international level. This is the kind of band that you can help develop though....

Smashh Sun, 09/23/2018 - 08:50

I suspect that he may not have a very good command of the english language . If he docent know what he's singing about , that can make it
hard for the listener . I don't mind so much if some one is out of tune , as long as they are speaking to me , they will get my attention.
Ive heard many times , bands that sing english songs without knowing what they are saying. Even when perfectly in tune , I know theres something up here
or the band is from a far away colony somewhere at the end of the world like , beside down under .Funish ya fush and chips .

please excuse my bad spelling