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What do you all use for a mixing chair? high back vs low back

I have nice high back leather chair but don't use it because I'm concerned I will get some imaging and possibly even higher frequency reflection issues effecting my mix from the sound hitting the back near my ears, so I stick with a low back.

I ask this because I've noticed a lot of studio use the highback chairs in their promo pictures in front of their consoles. Think I'm over concerned here? I'd love to be sitting in a bit more comfort.


Big K Sat, 11/27/2010 - 08:14

I sit in a high back chair (which is not as high with me)
It is better for your back, as you surely know.

To the younger friends: If you can, get the best chair your budget can dig, if you plan on staying in this job for a longer time. You can buy new monitors and microphones when they come of age, but you have only one back for the rest of your life.

Mine is still ok, which is a little wonder..., but I hope to see many more moons in the hot spot without pain. Quite a few colleagues have nasty back troubles, though, and it is a PITA to work 14 hours glued to a chair when your back is killing you, as you can imagine.

thatjeffguy Sat, 11/27/2010 - 09:42

Have to agree with Steve... Herman Miller is the way to go. Check out their "Aeron" model. Expensive, yes, but you won't find a better built or more comfortable chair. I used to throw out my desk chairs about every year because they would become loose and very squeaky. This chair won't do that, it's built differently than the cheaper models. So over the long run the cost is not a factor, comfort is.

thatjeffguy Sat, 11/27/2010 - 10:20

audiokid... yes, that's what I use, though not with all the (expensive) chrome. I got a pretty sweet deal by looking on eBay, found an outfit called Madison Seating that was running a special. Save me a couple of hundred bucks. Be aware there are 3 different sizes and numerous options to choose from, most sites that sell them have a drop-down for each of the options and a price figure that automatically updates as you choose an option.

I first sat in this model of chair at a mastering studio while I waited for the ME to complete the project. Couldn't get over how comfortable and how well supported my lumbar was. Had to wait a while to get the $$ together, but I'm so glad I did!