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Best chair for music production?

Is there a specific chair that's most loved by music producers?

Or one you use and would recommend?

My current chair is literally almost a 90 degree "L" shaped hard chair with almost no padding and needless to say, it's very uncomfortable. Looking to up my chair and desk game.

What is it with recording studios & the Herman Miller Aeron chair ?

It seems that just about every video you see on Youtube these days, whether it be of a studio tour or a how-to video by {insert well known mix engineer / mastering engineer / recording guru here} there almost always is a Herman Miller Aeron chair conveniently being sat on, in the background or somewhere in shot.

Studio Mixing Chair

What do you all use for a mixing chair? high back vs. low back

I have nice high back leather chair but don't use it because I'm concerned I will get some imaging and possibly even higher frequency reflection issues effecting my mix from the sound hitting the back near my ears, so I stick with a low back.

filter to remove creaking chair?

I recorded a theater event last week from the soundboard and I also recorded a track using a mic in the house to pick up some ambiance and audience reaction etc. Problem is, the seats in the house creak when you shift your weight. You can hear an example creak noise here:


Get the hell out of the producer's chair.

It's hard to remember which hat you're wearing sometimes when you run a session. Some engineers are frustrated musicians or producers. You hafta walk a thin line. Does the group want your suggestions? Do you get pissed off if they don't listen to your ideas (or turn them down)?