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This piece is evolving but what really excited me about it was that both guitars are live tracked single takes close mic'd w/ my SM57 on my Boogie into my M-Audio Profire 610.

I got lucky I think with mic position here and got what I thought was a usable sound without too much fiddling.

Also added some Synth that I played on the keyboard of my laptop - that was pretty fun -- and learned a lot about editing the tracks using splits and fades to get rid of some string noise and palm mutes and such that were causing some issues (pulling me as a listener out of the track). Also sampled the background noise signature of the amp then applied the filter to the guitar tracks...

Things I can't change - the delay - as I used it in the fx loop of the amp...

Bass is a blend of DI and Amp modeling through GuitarRig 5 Pro

Drums are Superior drummer 2.0 -- I wanted to get an bouncy aggressive track that had a real danceable vibe but a more organic electric guitar sound with a bass groove that drove it home...

Not sure where I'm going to take this from here --- Is there anything to the ear that I could do or should consider doing at this stage to clean or tighten up the track production wise? Still thinking about a Drum intro and vocal treatment but from a learning and workflow perspective I'm pretty happy with what I was able to do so far with this

I've added no compression and just a little EQ here and there. I imagine if I add more elements to the track that it would make a lot of that work redundant or require re-do so I've left it pretty raw.

Many thanks.

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DogsoverLava Sun, 12/28/2014 - 21:37

Thanks PC -- as I play with this I may take a stab at a more Mutt Lang Def Lep approach and basically construct the guitar lines so that they are impeccably timed and precise and assemble the song using that method as a compare/contrast. The 3 tracks (2 guitar, 1 bass) are all complete single passes with no time based editing for now and full of imperfections and slight variation, but the guitar is essentially two motifs that repeat which would lend well to this approach maybe? --- I'll be curious to experience and learn how the feel is either maintained or enhanced or lost by making them more precise either through editing or retracking or replicating. Right now I'm tracking as naturally as I can for workflow. Many thanks.

Tommy osuna Sun, 12/28/2014 - 22:14

From my ear I think the rhythm guitar is out of time I realize you like the tone but I think that for a better recording your dealing in this case with performance issues

Now if you cared to change them you could but it would take some knowledge of how to surgically do this with your audio

I also realize from what you said that work flow was most important but if your looking for locked sounds that fit well with more parts I would play even less busy and or play smaller sonic sounds so there's more room for the separation later

DogsoverLava Mon, 12/29/2014 - 01:25

Thanks Tommy - I will most likely at some point re-track everything and spend the time to really nail the part. I can see what you are saying about less busy and smaller sonic sounds - it's a little wet and I see how that adds to the muddiness. I'm going to track dry (or drier) I think and see if I can apply the delay either in the DAW or through a send to another track altogether. I've no surgical skills with editing yet... I'll see what I can do with a small section here.

pcrecord Mon, 12/29/2014 - 03:02

Playing the part right is the key here. As a drummer, it's hard for me to get pass the timming issue and comment on other aspects of the song..
Also make sure the notes you play (guitar and bass) fits in a single key scale unless your song as a key change which is usually for a whole section and not for a measure or so..

DogsoverLava Mon, 12/29/2014 - 12:16

Thanks guys - the timing element is something I've had to suck up and deal with. I have some physical impairment issues to work around so I don't know where the wall is for that yet - still finding my limits and trying to remain optimistic. The good news is that I've been able to progress to cutting complete single takes which has really helped with workflow development - they're hacky but getting better. 12 months ago I would at best be able to play a measure or two at a time.

I have to will myself to overlook or not hear some of the issues with my playing to facilitate progress but I'm innately aware of them. I appreciate anyone hanging in there with some of the slop as a listener and giving feedback and direction. It really has been invaluable to me and really helped me progress.

There are a few things I'm going to try here:
Retrack guitars dry - apply Delay during production/mixing --- using both ITB effects or hardware sends/receives
Really nail the timing of the two rhythm figures
Redo the intro (weakest part)
clean up the bass track (untouched so far).


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