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Assessing/Repairing Dead Speaker

Hey all, i finally got around to fixing my car stereo, which is a 'component' system, where the speakers have separated mid/tweeters and a sub box in the trunk, nothing fancy, stock (radio head unit) power for the mids tweeter, 250w amp for the bass box.

turns out my front 2 mid drivers are having issues. 1 is unresponsive, the other, is cutting in and out. ive tested the car connections and they are fine and power other test speakers reliably. there is some rainwater rust buildup from me leaving my windows open. i sand the terminals lightly and that brought the semi working speaker to its current state.

ive also tried to apply the connections directly to the 2 wires between the terminals and the speaker cone. and the broken speaker was still unresponsive.

so my question is where is the next place to go in narrowing down whats wrong, andpossibly how to repair these. i spent $150 a pair, so id prefer to fix this anyway possible, even if itisn't pretty, as long as they work. i also would like to keep them going so i can continue w a fully matched set in my car, as i use it to reference mixes. heres a pic of the broken one. all the connections seem to be physically strong, so my best guess would be some buildup of some sort interfering.

any help would be greatly appreciated. heres a pic, and i can take more if iit would be helpful.



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