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Cassettes are not dead for some things in the UK

I was chatting to my son about the British really popular Police drama Line of Duty. I was interested as he's a Police Officer here. I expected him to moan about Police process mistakes, or the things they do, but no - his complaint was the interview recorders which are the latest type - solid state and  when you hit the button they make the long loud tone, before they start recording. He says they don't do this - just a pip or two to indicate they have started.

Don't you dare say music is dead !

I've heard that a few times when people talk about main stream, computer music, autotune and how the music business is turning to fast cash directions...

Let me tell you, I know a lot of really good musicians and as long as we keep the pursue of being the best we can at what we do, we will win the industry battle ;)

Here's an exemple of production/event I found recently :