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 Just got this in my inbox.

Hi Folks:

Super mixed emotions about the closing of the factory having lived in it for many many months.

I wish the Lyver and the Johnson and the families of all involved in Ward-Beck Systems a healthy prosperous new beginning whatever that brings. I wish you success in your new endeavors, retirement, and new opportunities.

The WBSps is here as a repository for all the things we can preserve to honor the efforts of all the work - thought and hands-on care it takes to conceptualize, design, engineer, program, fabricate, test and deliver the audio things we've come to enjoy implementing.

Post your comments in reply, I'm sure others would really like to hear your thoughts




After an illustrious run as a manufacturer and supplier of professional audio equipment to the broadcast industry for more than half a century, we regretfully announce that effective January 31, 2021, Ward-Beck Systems Inc. will cease manufacturing operations.

Our lease at 945 Middlefield Road, Unit 9 is coming to an end on February 28, 2021. We can continue to supply products which are in stock. We also have an inventory of equipment that is available for sale, and intellectual property which may be of interest to folks in the industry.

Since its founding in 1967 by Ron Ward and Rodger Beck, through the transition to Colleen and Eugene Johnson in 1993, and the succession and partnership changes promoting Kevin Lyver as President and CEO in 2016, we are extremely proud to have been suppliers of choice to broadcasters, audio production houses, film sound studios and sound professionals around the globe.

It is with mixed emotions that we make this announcement. We are grateful that we crossed paths with so many caring individuals along this journey. We wish to thank all who supported us through the years, our families, our staff, our clients, our suppliers, our friends and collaborators.

Reach us to inquire about any stock, equipment or IP available for sale, or call Eugene Johnson, mobile 647 519 9583.

Our website, will continue. Watch for updates.
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Link555 Tue, 02/09/2021 - 06:14

Ward Beck was Canada's Neve for sure. A very similar story to Neve's early days, actually Neve was their primary competition in the broadcast market during the 1970s and ’80s. Neve moved over into recording consoles and WBS stayed with the broadcast market. High quality units, that are very easy to work on.