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Audio Kontrol 1 = Meh Blah

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Allthough it has a nice feel and look to it, very sturdy .... thats not my main concern.... when I record through this thing I get intermitten pops and crackles no matter where the mic is place, how far the gain and volume is down to the Audio Kontrol, How far the Guitar volume is down. I have tried and tried but cannot remedy this problem, I then read a few review and see that alot of people have the same problem and it seems to have to do with the drivers.

However when I record my voice it is perfect!!!! Im baffled....

I paid 200 for it over the Mackie Satelite.... I think I am going to return it and spoend and extra 100 ... around 300 dollars...... anybody have some advice.... or opinions....


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hueseph Wed, 04/09/2008 - 10:19
Pops and crackles are probably due to your buffer settings. Increase your buffers to as much a 512. That should hopefully make the problem go away.

Regardless of the interface, there is always going to be some amount of tweaking to get everything working just right. The AK1 has a nice software package. I would stick with it until you've ruled out all other possible problems.