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Hi everyone, I'm finally trying to get back in the swing with recording, and would like to try another mic. Right now I only use an SM57 (not very often, truthfully) but mostly my RODE NT2-A, which I am liking the sound on everything I do, acoustic guitar, electric, and vocals. I've heard even a cheap chinese ribbon mic will sound great on electric guitar, but I think for the education, fun, and made in USA parts, I wouldn't mind doing the $200 for their base level kit.

http://diyribbonmic… Austin DIY Ribbon Microphone Kits - Austin Microphones[/]="http://diyribbonmic… Austin DIY Ribbon Microphone Kits - Austin Microphones[/]

I'm looking at the first one for 2 bills on there. I couldn't really find any reviews though.. and it sounds pretty sweet from the clips on their website but, I mean come on, of course it does. Thanks for any insight!

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