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ribbon microphones

Recording Classical Instruments with Ribbons and Condensers? Possible?

Hi community! I wanted to reach out to your collective wisdom! Is it possible/recommended to record classical instruments (I am a professional flutist) with both ribbons and condensers? I have seen this in a couple of places eg. on the Royer website they have a recording of a flutist with a SF-24 and 2 RØDE NT-6 omnis flanking on a stereo bar.

Recording an Orchestra using Royer ribbon microphones, with engineer Robert Friedrich

Grammy-winning Classical Engineer Robert Friedrich gives us an in-depth look at the recording techniques used when recording "The Carnival Of The Animals" with the San Diego Symphony Orchestra. Friedrich relied heavily on ribbon microphones to achieve the desired sound quality.

Ribbon Microphone Tuner (Tensioner) Project

Hello again, just though I’d post a recent update on my quest to make re-ribboning a ribbon microphone easier.

This time up, a Ribbon Tuner (Tensioner) jig. This has interchangeable carriers for different ribbon microphone trusses. So far I’ve made Carriers for Rick’s ( truss, in addition to carriers for an MXL R80 and an MXL R144 ribbon microphone. This way you can print one jig, and then use a carrier for your specific mic.

3-D Printed, Arduino controlled, footswitch activated Ribbon Microphone element Crimper

Hello Everyone,

Just finished up another Instructable.

In my never ending quest for a high quality ribbon microphone in every studio locker (chicken in every pot), I designed a tool to help corrugate ribbons for ribbon microphones.

Using some crafting gears, I fashioned a 3-D printed frame, a stepper and Arduino and a footswitch to allow you to corrugate your ribbon microphone elements easily and consistently.

Please check it out.

2nd in a Series - Re-ribbon, new transformer and 3D printed parts for MXL R144

Hello, this is a second in a series of Ribbon Mic upgrades. Thought you all might be interested.

Here I updated the truss to make the ribbon element floating (not tied to the truss and chassis ground) and swapped out the transformer. This required some 3D printed ribbon mounts and covers, which could also be done with 1mm thick PCB. I also 3D printed some little wire guides, so I didn’t have to sloppily glue the plus leads to the truss. Lastly, I made a re-ribbon jig for the truss, which makes it a whole ton easier to re-ribbon it.

Ribbon Microphone Upgrade for MXL 990

Hello, I’m beginning my personal little crusade in the Ribbon Mic arena.

To start, I’ve created an Instructable, to upgrade an MXL 990 condenser mic with a ribbon element from

I created some 3D printed parts to hold the ribbon element and transformer.

But I think one of the key things is I also created a 3D printed ribbon alignment jig. It makes it really easy to replace and re-ribbon the element.

R-122 MKll Active Ribbon Microphone

Royer MKll Active Ribbon Microphone

In 2002 we introduced the R-122, the world's first phantom powered, active ribbon™ microphone. It was a revolutionary development in ribbon mics, combining impedance matching circuitry with condenser-like output levels that allowed the R-122 to be used on even the quietest sound sources. It also allowed the mic to be paired to virtually any preamplifier.

The R-122 MKll takes the R-122 to a whole new level, delivering unprecedented flexibility for ribbons via the addition of a switchable -15...