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Commentator's Microphones - the Coles 4104

Not really our type of microphone, but worthy of a quick look, maybe?

A ribbon mic you can put on your lips and shout into without damage, or can even whisper into.

In fairness, if you are going to record quiet commentary, then it needs a cloudlifter - but this was recorded straight into a Zoom H6, before I levelled out the clips. No brain work for this one - just a rather neat mic that could come in really handy if you ever need to record clean audio in a crazily loud environment.

Ribbon Microphones and 48V - I try to destroy mine!

Another video that came to me reading one of the many topics on the internet where people are almost paranoid about the fragility of ribbon mics and how you can so easily destroy them. I figured the science suggests such damage is highly unlikely, so I take my own ribbon - and I only own a single one - and deliberately connect it in place of an AKG 414. I did it as many people could do, using a mic that needs phantom power and then unplugging it and connecting the ribbon - finishing the video on that mic, happily working with 48V supplied to it.

Figure-8 Mics, ribbons and 48V Phantom Power

I'd read a few internet posts over the past few weeks about ribbons, and they pulled up the old advice about destroying them with phantom power, so I did a little Googling and also noted many newcomers to recording really didn't ever come across fig-8 pattern mics at all - so I've been doing a few videos and did one featuring just a bit of chat about fig-8 patterns and a little demo of how they actually sound when you move the mic - then I figured I'd plug up a ribbon in place of the condenser and see if it broke - as the usual tales of doom decree they do.

Recording Classical Instruments with Ribbons and Condensers? Possible?

Hi community! I wanted to reach out to your collective wisdom! Is it possible/recommended to record classical instruments (I am a professional flutist) with both ribbons and condensers? I have seen this in a couple of places eg. on the Royer website they have a recording of a flutist with a SF-24 and 2 RODE NT-6 omnis flanking on a stereo bar.…

Recording an Orchestra using Royer ribbon microphones, with engineer Robert Friedrich

Grammy-winning Classical Engineer Robert Friedrich gives us an in-depth look at the recording techniques used when recording "The Carnival Of The Animals" with the San Diego Symphony Orchestra. Friedrich relied heavily on ribbon microphones to achieve the desired sound quality.

Ribbon Microphone Tuner (Tensioner) Project

Hello again, just though I’d post a recent update on my quest to make re-ribboning a ribbon microphone easier.

This time up, a Ribbon Tuner (Tensioner) jig. This has interchangeable carriers for different ribbon microphone trusses. So far I’ve made Carriers for Rick’s ( truss, in addition to carriers for an MXL R80 and an MXL R144 ribbon microphone. This way you can print one jig, and then use a carrier for your specific mic.