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Hi all, Im looking for some books that can help someone get into band managment and give them a guide as to what is needed and what has to be done by a manager. Can any one help? :confused: :confused:


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archived member Sat, 06/15/2002 - 22:17
OK, I may be a bit late but I have only just registered here, although I have haunted other recording BBS's for a couple of years.

Idle, contact IMMEDIA in Sydney, Ph; 02-95577766 as they are kind of an off-shoot of APRA and AMCOS that deal with books and stuff. Check out if "The Business of Artist Management" is still available.

Personally I believe to be effective or competent as a manager, you need to be conversant in "music law", accounting, marketing and numerous other areas............otherwise you are just playing games with peoples' dreams, aspirations and careers.


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archived member Sun, 06/16/2002 - 01:15
I have a few friends bands that have managers.
A lot of them now rely on the manager to do things, a few of there managers do nothing but say I am a manager. Pickup a few books and learn some stuff, but with everything have a plan, be organised, be nice to everyone, have a plan (yes twice).

A manager should not be just someone who books gigs. Thats a band booker.
A manager should not do your books thats an accoutants job.
A manager should not do your legal stuff, thats for a lawyer.
A manager should not produce the band, that is a producer job.

But a manager will have to try and fill in the above rolls if no one is around to do it.
But really big law and accounting issues have to be handled by a professional.

A manager should have the band orgaised, help them with problems they have, resolve fights, be objective etc etc.