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Hi, I am looking for a keyboard controller to use with my VSTi's at the moment I am using a keytar with 2 octaves and keys as thick as my fingers. I am looking for something with at least 4 octaves.


anonymous Thu, 02/12/2004 - 13:40

Well longgone1,
if your question was about a keys for sampler or sound module you might use these Roland A keyboards.But in the case for VSTi's you will need something with knobs or rotary-ies.Diferent range of keys are produced by Evolution:
But the best one for Vsti's now is Novation Remote 25 Audio.Here they even included K-station option!http://

Best regards!


MisterBlue Thu, 02/12/2004 - 21:19

I have owned a Doepfer LMK3 Masterkeyboard for more than 15 years now. It works great after all those years on the road and in the studio and it is simply a great controller. It has a weighted 88-key keyboard with aftertouch and most everything that you can ask for. I got the DIY kit at the time which involved some serious assembly (including a few hours with the soldering iron - the whole master circuit board !). Wouldn't do that again but I was a student at the time and saving a buck was important ... :D . With cheap production in China or places I guess these times are over !

I believe that they use Fatar mechanics (the same as StudioLogic controllers by the way - another option :roll: ) and also offer hammer mechanics by now which gives it a nice piano feeling. Just one word of caution: If you are used to plastic synth keyboards you are in for a cold shower. A real hammer piano action requires some strength in the fingers that can only be built over time. It is also not the perfect keyboard to playing ripping Hammond solos (and I had the blisters to prove it).

Anyway, I can't vouch for their quality today but if you are looking for a master keyboard if would give them a serious look, despite their lack of a real "brand name".

Just my opinion,


MisterBlue Thu, 02/12/2004 - 21:28

Here is a link :

The Dollar vs. Euro exchange rate unfortunately doesn't make this a steal any longer ... :(

The LMK4+ still looks like an outstanding master keyboard - it's got the hammer mechanics I mentioned. Sells for 1299 Euro (which includes 16% VAT that would not have to be paid if ordered from the US). Brings it down to around 1120 Euro plus shipping.


bhuvan Thu, 05/06/2004 - 08:43

i've just ordered a evolution MK 449c for myself. i was looking at the radium and edirol keyboards and others in this price range and i thought that this offered a variety of options for a good price.

it doesn't have weighted keys like the A90 and the likes of that and it's four octaves, but i saw it serving my purpose best for the money i was willing to shell out. also got nine sliders, 8 knobs, 10 assignable buttons.. total of 30 assignable controllers. i thought this was good.