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Swissonic 88 note Master Keyboard pros and cons

I got asked about the keyboard people could see in the various videos on microphones - it's  a Swissonic 88 note master keyboard and it's got loads of faders and rotary controls, plus a set of drum pads - I've recorded what comes out of Cubase and what the mic in the studio can hear - make your own mind up.

Best home made keyboard stand EVER!

I was reminiscing today. Back in 1988 or 89 my brother in law who’s a handyman at all sorts welded this together for me.

Note my Alesis Quadraverb and Yamaha TX81z mounted as well. Keyboards are a Roland Jupiter 6 and a Roland D20. I think there’s a delay pedal on the Jupiter 6, I did use one though at one point.

Recording midi with Williams Allegro III?

Hey so Iv been having issues trying to use this allegro electric piano as a midi board. Now online it does say that you don’t need any software to make it compatible. Iv got it connected to my computer with a usb-b and it detects it but when I go into my daw(reaper) It Doesn’t show up in the midi controller

MIDI Keyboard with no velocity Question

Hi all, i just picked up a crappy bottom of the line midi keyboard to suit my broke ass recording needs and obviously the keyboard has no velocity control, when you hit a key, no matter how hard, it comes out the same volume, when recording in pro tools, is there a way to semi mimic the velocity of a piano or midi effect?


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