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hi, does low-latency is useful for pro-gamers?

> = is lower latency then:

But does a pro-gamer relly need a PCIe-DAC or does a Firewire-DAC ist good enough? I am not a pro-gamer, but i ask me the question. And i wan't to buy a good System for Gaming as well.

I am using Headphones(3,5mm or 6,5mm), Mikrophone(Modmic 4.0), active-speaker. I am using Mikrophone & Speaker at the same time, sometimes - because it's more relaxing.

I wanted to bye new active-speakers(nu-pro 200 with sub AW-350). But i also read this: "The new NuPro speakers automatically undertake a Time Alignment and synchronize the playback between the channels independently. This is also necessary because the DSP-processing of the audio signal and relaying to the right channel leads to a small delay. The time correction includes the NuPro AW-350 when it is connected since."

So the nupro 200 are latency-bad speakers?

can you help me?

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audiokid Fri, 06/17/2016 - 15:58

Hi o0Julia0o,

For gaming, isn't the video card more important? Pro Audio and gaming are two different applications. This website is targeted to multi-tracking audio engineering however, maybe we can help.
Are you talking about video production and creating audio for the video?

We design our PC for multitrack audio production, thus optimize the PC for this.
Our video cards are vary basic for a reason. We save (optimize) CPU resources for audio, not video.

I would expect a Pro-gamer is more interested in video and controller performance?

I suspect you are more interested in stereo sound with video interaction. This is the wrong forum for this discussion but it seems to me you can get by on something basic.

However, the more money you can afford for a stereo DA converter (up to a point), the better sound and performance. The interface of the DAC could be included or independent.

Tony Carpenter Sat, 06/18/2016 - 01:21

I'll wade in here. From a latency point of view, audio has little to no effect on pro gaming. Latency when being worried about by a gamer is related to CPU plus GPU plus connection return speed. As someone who has been into PC gaming since PCs were a thing I'm well aware of these needs.

Bottom line, your audio device unless it's a cheap chip on your motherboard is almost definitely not involved in your game latency. RAM, CPU and Video card, hard drive speed and Internet connection are all your main worries.

Hope that helps.


kmetal Sat, 06/18/2016 - 16:06

From what I gather about gaming systems, The computer should have fewer cores but faster processor, because unlike pro audio computers, games do not take advantage of hyperthreading on the processing cores. So fewer, but faster processors, and the best video card you can afford.

As far as audio latency, it seems from your description that the latency is not due to the SoundCard itself, but takes place within the speaker system to make sure that the sub will for and the two satellite speakers all hit your ears at the same time. If the delay was not there, it seems you would get either an unbalanced left to right response, or you would hear a thing of the sound do to cancelizations.

So if I understand the situation correctly any USB or FireWire connection to a sound card will deliver adequate performance.

o0Julia0o Sun, 06/19/2016 - 04:17

thank you audiokid, Makzimia and kmetal! Yes, are right - the video-card ist more important. But i am looking for audio-latency as well. The hard disc, by the way, is not important for gaming- latency. The RAM will hold all latency important-information.

The synchronization - does that do all acitve-speakers?

audiokid Sun, 06/19/2016 - 09:41

Could someone define "Pro Gamer" for me? I'm thinking o0Julia0o is simply playing against others, competitions. Not writing and producing games?

Never the less, I looked at the speakers you are describing. They look very nice but they are not what we consider ideal for pro audio. The speaker connectors in this image are not what we use.

If pro audio want to reach low latency pro audio, I would invest in a professional DAC that has a proven PCIe interface and buy the appropriate professional speakers to match.

We normally do not use the built in sound cards of a computer for pro audio.

Regardless, if you want best performance, you need an independent PCIe interface.
As I suspect you also need the fastest gaming computer and internet speed you can get.

Read this.

Chris Perra Sun, 06/19/2016 - 14:06

Are you using a usb mic headset? or plugin into the green and red jacks in your motherboard?

Either way.. Unless you have a terrible usb setup which is unlikely with a computer that can do pro level gaming.. The audio is irrelevant.

I think you are a victim of marketing hoo ha...

The audio from gaming comes from the game itself blended with voice audio from other people online.

The delay in what you hear from chat is determined by how far away they are.. just like gaming lag..
Not the audio card settings.