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Brand New need some help

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Hi I just joined this site looking for a few tips on recording. Thanks to whoever reads and replies

Ok to start I have a behringer 2442fx mixing board and several mics that we all mix together by just doing rca's to the cd tape to main then to the usb digital audio converter. The program I use to record what the usb is giving is Audacity 1.3.

This all works great except when it comes to volume.

when we record everything does actually work, just the volume and level strength is very weak. I have tried to fix this using a decent solid state 85> SN preamp, but then it does not have a volume nob to help keep everything under control. and then we have to turn everything down

So it seems like We have two poor options at the moment hoping to see if anyone has any good cheap ideas.

one would be to record not using the preamp and then having to amplify the signal about 40 dbs using audacity (which I don't have a lot of expierence but sounds awful)


the other is to use the preamp and get large amounts of clipping because now we have too strong of a a signal.

The main goal is to be able to record exactly what we hear live (if possible) so that we can constantly get some feedback to improve our playing

Really just trying to get a feel for the new board its really kinda complicated at first, again thanks very much for any replies.


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Member Sat, 07/05/2008 - 09:57
Putting a resistor between pre and board will bring the signal down to a level you can handle.
Apparently your board has "10 state-of-the-art XENYX MIC Preamps comparable to stand-alone boutique preamps" so I don't see why you should be using two.

Can you list _all_ of your gear?

"by just doing rca's to the cd tape to main then to the usb digital audio converter."

What? Sounds like you're sending signal out to something else?

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Member Sat, 07/05/2008 - 22:48
alright hackandslash, not sure its in my budget to really run a compressor through the buses and im not gonna lie I have no idea what ya mean lol :) but no its the cheapest phono preamp with the best SN ratio i can find no limiter function or vloume nob oranything

Ok now greener sorry yeah it is a lil hazy now that i read it back.

All we are doing is using the cd/tape to main that the board has as an option for recording. we go from the board to the usb ac202 that came with the behringer. All this does is send everything going through the behringer to a weak ass signal to the computer.

if this helps-- we are not using any of the inputs on the back of the board.
because we are recording everything at once.

Perhaps knowing my gear can you guys suggest a better way to record? if you had this stuff how would you record?

Gear list is
Behringer 2442fx
Behringer uca202
audactiy computer program
TCC TC-750 solid state pre-amp
pretty basic i know but we aint bad i figured its worth to check with those who actually know anything about recording :) and last thing my goal is to be able to record while we would be playing at a gig.

just looking for some experience and appreciate the replies!

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RemyRAD Sun, 07/06/2008 - 03:05
Sounds111, why oh why do you have a separate USB audio interface when the mixer already has it built-in? Didn't anybody explain this to you? You purchased this mixer because it is also an integrated audio computer interface. You need to learn something about signal flow and gain staging along with how to properly tweak audio levels within your computer operating system & software. It almost appears as you've never read any instruction manuals?

You're phono preamp is only for, well, phonograph/turntables and for nothing else. NOT TO BE USED FOR THE RECORDING PROCESS, unless you are transferring vinyl records into your computer? That's all its for. YOU SHOULD NEVER USE A TURNTABLE PREAMP FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN A TURNTABLE. GEEZ??? I HOPE YOU'RE OVER 14 AS IT DOESN'T SEEM SO?.

You really haven't done your homework properly. You're completely clueless as to what you're doing or what you have purchased. Who recommended you purchase these redundant and superfluous items for the recording process? You really need to crack a book.

Don't even think about a compressor/limiter until you understand what it is they do. Most software has it built into it in many different flavors. Although a hardware unit/outboard units is both wonderful & useful but only in the right hands.

Interesting as you have listed your equipment and obviously make recordings without the use of any microphones. I want to learn how to do that with my mixer, a Neve.

The bottom-line my friend is that your mixer is all that needs to be connected to your computer. The rest of your equipment should go to the pawnshop or the trash can as its worthless and shouldn't be used in your recording & playback processes. You record through and monitor with your mixer & the computer. Nothing else is necessary other than, microphones, monitor speakers & headphones, provided you're computer has some usable recording software such as Audacity, Gold Wave,, Adobe Addition, Cool Edit, Cubase and I could go on & on.

If you're not getting proper levels into the software, its operator error not your equipment.

READ THE MIXER MANUAL! Or just stop stealing the stuff.
Ms. Remy Ann David

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bent Sun, 07/06/2008 - 19:01

"10 state-of-the-art XENYX MIC Preamps comparable to stand-alone boutique preamps"
As in, from a florist's boutique?

Two words (since bent hasn't showed up):

Get it sorted.

That's about all Ben(t) has to say at the moment.
(God, why do I love Heineken so...?)

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hackenslash Sun, 07/06/2008 - 19:50
bent wrote: Hehehehehe!!!

"10 state-of-the-art XENYX MIC Preamps comparable to stand-alone boutique preamps"
As in, from a florist's boutique?

Two words (since bent hasn't showed up):

Get it sorted.

That's about all Ben(t) has to say at the moment.
(God, why do I love Hackenslash so...?)

I get that all the time. :lol:

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Member Mon, 07/07/2008 - 01:43
ok wow remyrad before you go spouting off again like that know that a,your a fuckin idiot and b, a complete loser.

Of course I have read the maunal and of course I have several (low quality) microphones

Tell me this genius of recording why would the behringer sound board, (which I have done my reasearch and for the money is a good enough board for what we need) would it come with a usb DAC with it?

I found that to be a very effective way to get a fairly good quality recording, unfortunetly with all my efforts could not get a strong enough signal without screwing up our live sound. I came to this website to simply looking for any advice or tips on anything better.

Furthermore I have the preamp for my TT. It makes the signal stronger obviously so i figured id give it a shot.

Also, I bought the behringer sound board along with two 400 watt speakers for 500 dollars because of a relative who knows someone who promotes bands.

Thanks for nothing

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RemyRAD Mon, 07/07/2008 - 03:54
Is that Sounds 111 or Scotch 111? You probably don't know what that is? It's not a blended nor single mall. It's The original 1.5 mil acetate recording tape. Not to be confused with Mylar/polyester based recording tapes.

No, really, gain structure. Gain staging. Tommy can you hear me??Operator error is all it is. There should be no problem getting proper levels through your PA system mixer to your amplifiers while still making proper recordings at proper levels, with just that mixer, your computer, some microphones & an amplifier (don't forget the microphones please). I've done this for more years then you have been alive, without distortion or other low level problems. Once you learn how to properly tweak levels your whole life will change for the better.

So while you think I'm being a wise ass, I'm actually giving you some very helpful and pertinent information (37+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE FOR FREE!) that you are not comprehending. Go ahead, blame it on the equipment and plug-in all the things that are not necessary and do more harm than good and then wonder what's wrong. Your logic isn't incorrect but your knowledge & skill level, is nil. Probably the same reason why your Stratacaster doesn't sound right when you put bass strings on it?

Playing tuba with a trumpet mouthpiece. NOT.
Ms. Remy Ann David

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Member Mon, 07/07/2008 - 09:17
Sounds111 wrote:
ok wow remyrad before you go spouting off again like that know that a,your a fuckin idiot and b, a complete loser.

Ok. Wow, goddamn that was funny!
I just love it when someone calls someone else an idiot or a loser and makes an idiotic typo.

I have a feeling you won't even be able to understand Ms. Davids advice. Which is a good thing, you are not worthy.
You, Sound111, are an idiot. But not only are you stupid, you are aggressively stupid and the only cure for this is fire.

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Codemonkey Mon, 07/07/2008 - 10:48
"Thanks for nothing"
So, RemyRAD says one thing he disagrees with and he hates the whole community? Anyone see logic in that? Anyone? Man at the back with the blue shirt? No? Good.

If the Behringer signal is weak, it's likely he needs to check his settings and gain structure, and, oh wait, what did Remy say, twice?

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Davedog Mon, 07/07/2008 - 16:10
On behalf of the rest of the community, I gotta say it stings a little, but we'll carry on.(sniff)

And as for our newest genius (codename 'sounds111') if you really paid that much for that hunk-a-burnin-cat-crap AND you got it from a friend of a relative who knows somebody whos got a line on somebodyelse who just happens to have some (hot) stuff he got somewhere layin around, you paid way too much.

But I gotta say, WAY to GO!! It only took you 3 whole posts to fling the 'F' word. You must be so proud. AND since your question is SO FRIKIN ELEMENTARY in its content, it can only be assumed that .......

a. You are an idiot
b. you know less than you think you know which makes you..
y. mentally challenged
z. unable to comprehend even the most elementary explanations, so...
c. your inability to read through a manual and glean from it the information you seek thereby bringing you to this neck of the woods to ask your inane questions and obviously expecting some sort of trembling hand-holding on the part of this community indicates that.............
m1. You are a pathetic loser without any friends
m2. You have irritated all of the people in your area to the point of them being armed when you are around
m3. Dont like kittens and have a smell of elderberries about you.

These are but a few possibilities that can be deduced by your behavior at this point.

Perhaps I should show you the way out?
Nothing personal. Its just that we dont really like jackoffs here. And when you get GREAT advice and get some sort of attitude about those that freely give of their time to help, it just doesnt seem like its a good fit.

So TaTa and talley-ho. Good luck on that problem.

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Space Mon, 07/07/2008 - 17:30
That freaks gonna learn some real stuff and in a few years a light bulb, albeit a small bulb indeed, will commence shining over the L on his forehead when the fleeting thought rushes into and out of the abyss that never quite became his mind when he realizes..."damn, she was right!"

And he staggers backwards into his cardboard box that once housed the powerful ego altering beringer board that has long since been traded for drugs along with the manual, save a few pages much needed to wipe his rearend.