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Good morning all,

As I draw closer to setting up properly again I have something else on my list of changes. Going to switch out the standard 1TB drive from my Mac Pro to an SSD for OS and 1 or 2 10k drives or hybrids, not too sure. Does anyone have preferences, good pricing?. I am probably just going to go through the pain of a full re-install of everything as I had it all sitting on the one drive.

System is very beefy BTW, 12 Core Dual Xenon 2.4 i7 with 32GB RAM on current OSX. I did always use seagate barracudas or raptors in my PC's. I know there are a lot of options these days. Only one I may not touch is samsung.. but not sure what they are like these days.



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Reverend Lucas Thu, 09/25/2014 - 13:56

I take back everything good I said about SSDs. Ok... not everything, but mine in my recording computer gave out on me last night. Luckily back-ups make this an inconvenience, rather than a total loss.
I am wondering how much of it has to do with the age of the drive (it was about four years old), or how much of it had to do with how I was using it, or if it was random failure. It was a Samsung, for the record.

Tony Carpenter Fri, 09/26/2014 - 06:49

Ahh yes, Toshiba and Samsung were an issue years ago. Also, Hitachi, I used to build computers for a living. That was the mid 90s of course :). I know we all get to a point where personal experience colours our feeling about gear etc. I am leaning towards just getting solid 7200rpm 1TB drives. One of my PCs (touch wood) is still going strong with same hard drive from 5 years ago. I would get raptors, but, the budget got slammed with the studio build...