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check this out..a little insight please? I got bored this morning and roughly recreated my recording area (not to scale). I haven't treated the rooms at all. I just wanted to get some the following are a few questions I have. 1.What's my cheapest option for easing the sound in the iso-room? I know people use blankets..foam...all kinds of stuff. For the price, what is going to work best? 2. What are my options as far as running a snake from the control room to the iso-room? What's a good snake that will get me what I need to record and get some good headphone mixes? 3. am I missing anything?

just for reference I am using:
power mac g5 / 002 /digimax LT pre
for mics a couple gt44's, bluebird, sm 57, sm 58, beta 52

black areas indicate doors/open spaces

as always...thanks for the help,


Pro Audio Guest Sun, 06/04/2006 - 07:20
I'm under the assumption that you're asking how to isolate the iso room...

Sheetrock, sheetrock, insulation, sheetrock, sheetrock. The denser the better to stop sound. Blankets and foam will do nothing to stop sound transmission form one room to another, they will only absorb reflection.

As far as a snake is concerned, check out They can make you a custom snake with a wall panel (they did for me). You'll want to run this though 2"+ PVC pipe into the iso room. Wait a second...seeing that your ISO room is really not that large and you're using a 002, how many channels do you really need? You may be better off just buying a few long mic cables and use the extra cheddar on the soundproofing (it ain't cheap!)

You also may want to think about switching the two entirely using the larger space for a live room and the smaller as your control room. Makes more sense to me, anyway.

Pro Audio Guest Sun, 06/04/2006 - 10:09

yes I wanted to know the best way to iso the room. I would switch things up and move the control room to the back but the larger room..has a lot of the washer and there would be endless amounts of noise...and a lot more money involved in securing the sound. The smaller room however is isolated well...pretty well confined and will be easier/cheaper to fix up. Also...I think main reason for running the snake is for micing the most I would need 8 channels.

A couple overheads
kick mic
57's on snare and toms

I think 8 channels would work fine. I am also wondering about headphone mixes...what do i need to get a send for headphones? (i know little about this stuff..sorry if my ignorance is evident) I am assuming that snakes have sends for getting head phones working. Thanks for your help..i really do appreciate all advice!