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Hi gang,

Did you know Magix had a remote app for your phone ? It works with many of their audio products.
As for now only the transport is worth it for me, but it works like a charm!
I didn't even had to setup anything, except being connected to the same network.
No need to put empty measures hit record and run to my drum anymore..
I'd very much like to have more feature, like jump to marker, mixing headphones etc.. but I'm glad I found this !

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kmetal Sun, 03/11/2018 - 14:49

nice, i had actually forgotten about it. for more comprehensive control of Sam/Sequoia, anyone can use the free Eucon app, it doesnt require anything but an ipad.

It;s compatible with any software that is Eucon compatible, which most are thankfully. from what i could tell from the demos, theres alot of useful things you can do with the app, like have macro buttons, select tracks, and tons of stuff i cant remember. for anyone with an ipad, its almost a no brainer.

these are great because you can have several tablets and phones laying around, making it practical for a single engineer/artist to take advantage of multi room studios. as a drummer, with a multi room studio, im sure you felt that pain marco no? did you run usb/wireless, as a workaround?

gonna snag the Sam app right now!! thnks.

pcrecord Mon, 03/12/2018 - 05:01

Bartie Boy, post: 456167, member: 51087 wrote: So that means I have to install a wifi card in my PC.

Or plug the PC to the network via wire RJ45...

I should just explain this further.
My phone (wifi) and computer (cat.6 cable) are plugged to my home network router. You can't connect 2 nodes together with their wifi connections alone. You need a unit that establish the network connectivity by giving IP addresses, mask, dns etc.
A workaround would be to create a hot spot with your phone (will act like a router) and then connect your computer to the hot spot.