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I’m new to this forum. Long time member at
GS and looking for a fresh source of info

I have been hired to put together a home studio package, and I’m curious as to what you guys here may may suggest.

Budget: $10k

There are a ton of ways I could do this, and I know my gear choices. But could anyone offer an opinion on what percentage I should allocate for
Each area?

This will be an initial starting point and he can expand as he grows If necessary

Room treatment
Mics (2 LDC, 2 dynamic to start)
Front End preamps (2 Channels to start)
Rock Solid Interface with decent mic preamps (4-8 inputs/pres)
UAD plugs/hardware if budget allows. Apollo makes sense. My fav plugs period
PC / MacBook (with good solid performance, mid grade in price
(My favorite by far)
Daw: Pro Tools Logic Sonar Reaper depending on clients needs.
No console (direct monitoring a must)

At this point this is all I know, until I meet w client. I want to walk in with info and would appreciate your input. Looking for allocation percentages, not necessarily gear recommendations, but feel free to share your thoughts on gear selection.


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Boundless Ente… Thu, 02/08/2018 - 13:07

Hey there. I see this as broken into 3 equal parts, 33% each.

3k- Computer, Software, Interconnects

3k- Monitors Room Treatment (yamaha monitors (hs5's/ns10's), Diy Rigid fiberglass panels/traps.)

4k- apollo, shure mic pack, presonus eureka channel/Bae (depending on interfacing).

Realistically these things are always 3-5x more money, time, effort, and often reward, than the numbers reflect on paper, even when budgets are down to the last screw. so id do my math based on somewhere around 8k, and really try to stick with it. this will encourage a 'needs first' approach to the process of elimination.

overall 10k can get alot done. My cousins studio was built around that budget in 2006, initially with a digi 002 system, now with an apollo rack. its refreshing to see a realistic budget and expectations, and i can attest that 10k goes a long way if your highly efficient. really, the next logical price point that offers the best bang for the buck, is the 50k entry pro, then 75k+ at commercial entry point. All the in between are full of cash sinks, and incremental, high cost improvements.

i will also say, planning pays. you can watch the sale cycles for the items on your hit list, and find when they go on sale the cheapest. usually 1-4x a year the company will offer their lowest price on the product. often its 20-50%. which adds up. education editions of software are another great place to shop where applicable.

For my (personal) money, a mytek 8x8, Bae, shure mics, yammaha monitors, is the hardware to get thats highest value available all around. its a 5k setup that any artist, of any level, would be perfectly ok using. it takes gear completely out of the equation.

Best of Luck.


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