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home studio

Building home studio in shipping container

Building a home studio, but this is what i'm working with, looks like there's no two-ways about it in terms of budget, location etc.:

-Building it in a shipping container. Yup, that's right. About 20'x6.5', height around 6.5'-8'
-Budget for sound-proofing and acoustic treatment: around $7,000 maybe could go a little more.

Anyone have any ideas how to do this right? And i will NOT be reading Rod Gervais's book before this, mainly because of time.

How to record and mix vocals in a home studio?

I’m trying to build a pro recording studio I’m a self independent artist that’s trying to build his own pro recording studio at home to be able to record when ever on my on time so I need help from someone to tell me what gear I need looking for a professional setup?plz help this is my lil setup that I’m using for now any suggestions

RF preventing me from using my home studio

Just moved to a new apartament, set up my old gear in a new room and turns out that now I'm receiving an unbearable amount of Radio sign. I can even listen to what the Radio show is broadcasting.

To explain the situation better, I'm going to list some info

If I plug my microphone (condenser) ----> Focuriste, then I get lower/almost nothing radio noise

If I plung my microphone (condenser)/or my p10 guitar cable (even without the guitar) ----> Presonus Bluetupe V2 Pre Amp ----> Focusrite, the I get a larger amount of radio noise.

Home Studio Setup

I don't anticipate I will be able to soundproof it much, but more concerned with getting the room ready for mixing.

What would you recommend I do for the acoustical aspects to making the room acceptable for mixing?

The room size is 11'4" x 11'.8" x 9' ceiling. (Not ideal, I know.)

Also, if I'm not soundproofing the room, would it make any different if I installed a sound room double door?

microphones for home studio

If you could start over, what would you choose?

Howdy folks. I haven't done anything out of the box for over 10 years, too much traveling. Just DI'd guitars... I'll be back to recording soon enough, standard rock/pop stuff/r&b stuff - guitars, drums, bass, vocals and the miscellaneous acoustic instrument.

I sold most of my old recording gear and stayed with only a single sm57. I'm trying to put a budget and list together for a mic collection under $2000 - used.

Home Studio - Financial Questions

I'm thinking about turning my basement into a recording studio. My friend is an audio engineer, and I'm a musician. He can supply the recording gear and do the recording, and I can supply the instruments and act as a session musician. My thoughts so far in terms of how money would be split are as follows:

- He pays me monthly rent for the space
- He keeps the profit from each session, minus whatever he'd pay me for session work.

Complete Home Studio $10k budget


I’m new to this forum. Long time member at
GS and looking for a fresh source of info

I have been hired to put together a home studio package, and I’m curious as to what you guys here may may suggest.

Budget: $10k

There are a ton of ways I could do this, and I know my gear choices. But could anyone offer an opinion on what percentage I should allocate for
Each area?

This will be an initial starting point and he can expand as he grows If necessary

Tips on finding a contractor & designer for home studio build


I'm planning to convert a two car detached garage into a practice/live room, control room and iso booth. I've found a lot of good information here, and thanks to this site I found Rod's book and have been reading that for the last week. One thing that I realized quickly is that I will need specialized help to pull this off, but I'm not even sure how to find a contractor/builder that is familiar with the unique requirements of a home studio.