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I have a set of Grund Audio dual 15" with horn and internal crossover that I want to re-wire to biamp with my external crossover. Can I just run new wires from the speakers straight to jacks or do I need any signal modification? Also should I wire the 15's parallel or series? The whole system will be run stereo 3way with a separate set of 18" cabs.


moonbaby Thu, 09/29/2011 - 11:04

Passive crossovers come in all types and flavors. There may be load-matching resistors, protection circuits (like automotive light bulbs and circuit breakers) and the like inside the system. You also need to ensure that the HF driver IS an actual dynamic-element driver, and not a piezoelectric driver. You might be able to simply run the woofer directly to the power amp and leave the crossover in place with just the HF driver connected to it. Your best bet is to ask the manufacturer. Also make sure the individual drivers' impedances match the load the power amps will want to "see".

bouldersound Thu, 09/29/2011 - 12:45

Yep, check the tweeter. If it's a dynamic then you can probably do it. However...

Note that many dual 15" cabs are pseudo 3-way. They have a crossover between the tweeter and the top woofer at around 2kHz and run a low pass filter on the bottom woofer at around 200Hz to keep the two woofers from interfering in the midrange. To match or exceed the performance of the passive crossover you may need to tri-amplify the cabinet or leave the low pass filter on the low woofer in place.