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converting to bi-amp cross-over

I have a set of Grund Audio dual 15" with horn and internal crossover that I want to re-wire to biamp with my external crossover. Can I just run new wires from the speakers straight to jacks or do I need any signal modification? Also should I wire the 15's parallel or series? The whole system will be run stereo 3way with a separate set of 18" cabs.

Converting unbalanced to balanced signals.

I've been making music on synths, drum machines, bucketts and my computer for about 15 yrs now yet I've got no formal training. I realize that for long cable runs, it’s best to use balanced cables to reduce noise and grounding problems. What about cable runs (15 to 25 ft) to gear with unbalanced outputs like vintage synths?

Converting MIDI to Audio

Hey yall, I'm using Sonar LE here and I'm trying to convert my MIDI tracks to audio. I have tried a bunch of different soft synths, I can get them to play fine and when I record the midi data they play back fine. When I try to convert them to audio it gives me the error "the specified selection did not contain any audio data". How do I fix this?

Converting GT Brick to UK voltage

I have just purchased a Groove Tubes Brick from the US as there is nowhere to buy one from in the UK. I was told that I can switch the voltage to 240v internally but after opening it up cannot find any obvious switches. A search on Google came up with one guy saying that I need to change some wires around. Has anyone got any ideas or a link to a guide on how to switch the voltage over?

Converting Vinyl to digital audio? - help needed

Hi all, I'm new to all this and looking for some advice and hoping people here will be able to help me.
I am going to try to covert all my fathers vinyl to a digital audio for him as a kind of birthday present.
I don't really want to buy any extra hardware or software to do the job.