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Hi guys

A little trick I hear on a lot of Ryan Adams records and other mellow roots stuff includes putting a delay on just the s's and t's of the vocal... has a nice ambient effect.

I imagine they're boosting certain frequencies in whatever their sending to the delay, but I haven't been able to quite figure it out.

Any tips?

(FYI: I'm on Pro Tools)

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schizojames Sat, 07/23/2005 - 20:06

I'm not sure about PT, but think about it...You want just the silibance, so find it with an equalizer. You still want the dry signal, so you make the EQ'd silibance experiment it's own track. You wan't delay, well, there you go. It will be helpful as well to put the dry signal @ 0% so that those (what are usually painful) silibants don't double up on you.

Brian Trudeau is also very good at this, it allows for rhythmic tangents without straying too far from the material.