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hi all,

i have heard great things about the empirical labs stuff - the distressor and FATSO. i have budgeted some money for some new gear and was wondering...

if you had to choose one or the other, which would it be?

(i have a PT setup)

- neil

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anonymous Wed, 10/03/2001 - 09:38

Where do you need it most? How do you mix down? Do you want it on a mix bus, or are you going to be using it primarilly for tracking? I just went through the same scenario and ended up getting a dual distressor. I run D.P., and mix internally, so the fact that the dual distressor doesn't have the best stereo imaging isn't really a factor as i'm using them almost exclusively for tracking (for which, the distressor has a wider variety of options). If I had a decent console to mix through, it may have been a different story. Anyway, that's just my two cents.

anonymous Wed, 10/03/2001 - 10:47

thanks for the reply

i was looking to use it for tracking and mixdown. i'm running PT on the NT platform (no flames please) and I guess I was leaning towards the fatso. i could use it for tracking (drum overheads, guitars, bass, vocals) and on mixdown (put it on mix bus for final mixdown?). (I mix internally). there are no "tape simulation"plug-insfor the NT platform so I thought the fatso might get more "all around" use than the distressor.

at this point, i'm only working with my own band (2 gtrs, bass, drums, minimal keyboards) doing alt. rock stuff with female vocals. i figured either unit would be a good addition but was seeking others input to help narrow it down.

- neil

anonymous Thu, 10/04/2001 - 09:33

If you're doing all your mixing internally, how can you put the Fatso on the mix bus? That's the reason I'm not planning on getting much mixdown outboard gear until the day when i have a decent console and can go to 1/2". Would you go out of PT, through the fatso, and back in? to DAT? Make sure you've got great converters, cause if you don't, the additional D/A and A/D you're gonna need to patch in the Fatso may end up doing more harm than good.

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drumsound Thu, 10/04/2001 - 22:08

I just talked to Jay at Mercenary today about the Fatso and mix compression. He really digs the Fatso for DAW mix down. I'm not sure of the actual method. He did tell me that the compression of the unit are presets. You don't have any room for tweaking. I don't use a DAW and decided to get a Drawmer 1969 (I was leaning that way anyway)which also has mic pres and can be very useful in tracking as well as mixing. I can't wait until Monday to use it!