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Do I need a seperate hard drive?

Hi! My name is Sam. I have a G5 dual 2.7 and I am running Logic Express for recording acoustic+bands. I have a brother Trevor who does video edditing (which takes up a lot of space) and we only have one 250gb hard drive (stock with the computer). I am on a budget! I've spent so much money on my studio and havn't goten anything out of it. But I think I need a second SERIAL ATA hard drive. My question is
Do I really need another hard drive and if so, is there any good sugestioons on one thats good, yet affordable?
Thanks a lot!


gdoubleyou Sun, 08/13/2006 - 10:31
Yes, it will give you better performance, OSX and any app you are running will be using your system disk for virtual memory, as you add plugins more space will be needed.

You will have several threads accessing the same hard drive, OSX will have priority, and may delay some processes to do OS housekeeping.

A dedicated drive will allow your daw access when needed.


TeddyG Sun, 08/13/2006 - 17:57

Use a smaller(And in this case, newer) hard drive for your OS and software, use your large drive for "temp files", used by your recording software(When you set it up it will ask you where you want "temp files" to go and always asks for a seperate, fastest drive if possible) and for "data" storage.

I use Seagates(What my builder sells), Western Digital are good, too.

I have no drive larger than 80 gig at this time, but will be getting a single larger drive for backup of all the other drives only - though each drive will also have it's own "same type/size" backup HD(Gotta' keep working!).

I'm set-up so I can run 3 HD's at the same time, all on drawers(I plug-in/out whatever drives I need). Generally(Like now) I have my "play" drive, with Windows, Office, internet, email, etc. AND my "data" drive installed. When I want to do audio, I pull out the play drive and plug-in the "work" drive with just OS, audio software and the very few other things I need(No other software or "devices" installed, like printer, scanner, etc.). Whichever OS drive I have plugged-in, determines what machine I'm using(Same "box" completely different set-ups). My "work" drive has all the USB drivers and other uneeded stuff, Windows Services, etc., disabled, for instance. Takes a bit of set-up and head scratching but works great. And with the price of HD's these days, cost is no longer relevent.

My new system(In design at the moment) will be all SATA with 7 HD's(Again, up to 3 at any time) -- just to get started......


RemyRAD Mon, 08/14/2006 - 22:33
I really can't believe that with all the junk you have purchased that you don't have $100 for a 200GB on sale hard drive?? This really does not make any sense. How about saving your money for a few days?? You definitely need one. We are only talking the price of 10 happy meals from McDonald's. I would however stay away from Samsung hard drives as they are completely awful, undependable, failure prone pieces of crap!!! Beware!

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Ms. Remy Ann David

Pro Audio Guest Fri, 09/08/2006 - 20:20
You need more than one drive.

1) you should NEVER, EVER use your system drive for storing DATA (this includes of course music/video files). If you crash and need to re-format your work is GONE! There are of course, many other technical reasons for NOT using the system drive.

2) You need to make BACKUPS everyday if you are charging people for studio time. Those should be made onto ANOTHER drive (a 3rd drive) and other removable media (tape backup or dbl layer DVDs).

3) Your brother needs to buy his own drive for video :) and keep his files separate from yours.