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Help! Groove Tubes 6TM Power Supply cable Pin out schematic/ ADAT Elco to 1/4" snaKes

I have an old Groove Tubes 6TM mic with the PS1 Vacuum tube power supply. The mic end looks like the Groove Tubes EC7 cable in that it has a 7-pin connector. The power supply end looks like an 9-pin ADAT sync connector almost like a vga computer display connector. I am in need of the pin out configuration so that I can build one or a source to purchase one.

anyone know about a groove tubes 5sm condenser

I'm trying to find some info on a groove tubes 5sm condenser mic. I'm picking up a lot of mics from a guy who closed down his studio and this mic is in the batch. i'm not familier with it at all and have know idea what it is worth. I set up all 9 mics and recorded some guitar. Haven't got to sit down and listen to it yet.